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The secrets behind designing a good app for your business

Mobile Development
02 Jul 2019
With the influx of new technology, running a business has changed. The increased reliance on smart phones means that mobile apps are now a crucial...

5 Best Screen Recorder Software

25 Jun 2019
Screen recorders are software that you can use to record screencasts, i.e. video footage from your display. Nowadays there are many options available that facilitate...

How Your Business Can Get More Instagram Followers

25 Jun 2019
These days, running a business isn’t only about selling great products or having a great business strategy. Those things matter, of course, they’re the backbone...

15 Great resources that any designer should check out

Web Development
19 Jun 2019
 We live in a world of fast-paced changes in digital technology. We need to keep up with web design trends and best practices. Freelancers, team...

How Software Development Will Evolve in 2019

13 Jun 2019
It’s no secret.  Technology is evolving at a blistering pace.  Customer expectations continue to escalate. The pace of software development is increasing.  In 2019, this...

Case Study: eSputnik AI Helps Ecommerce Businesses Increase Email Marketing ROI

11 Jun 2019
Many online retailers tend to send out too many marketing emails that are irrelevant to their customers and therefore never opened. This leads to money...

Fintech is Reshaping the Financial Sector: Here's What Millennials Need to Know

10 Jun 2019
In 2018, financial technology (fintech) firms raised nearly $40 billion in venture capital, according to the National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association. More than 1,700 fintech...

5 Programming Resources for Developing Data Scientists

04 Jun 2019
At this point, we all know that data science has become one of the most exciting career paths in the business world. Just about every...

Does Your Business Have These 4 Things?

19 May 2019
Have you looked at your business and wondered what it’s missing? Maybe you have a competitor that is running a more successful operation than you,...

Tried & tested tools for building websites: here’s the top 9 for 2019

Web Development
14 May 2019
Posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media networks is one way to get your message out. Although it’s not the best. The best way,...