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Disable Javascript Console in Browsers

Web Development
14 Feb 2014
Randomly found this interesting reading about how Facebook disable developer tools at StackOverflow. It turns out, it's actually possible to disable Javascript console using Javascript...

11 Impressive Google Experiments for Chrome

09 Jul 2012
If you not sure how powerful Google Chrome is, you can view some of the experiments from them to highlight their browsers feature. Well, you...

18 Essential Chrome Extensions for Web Development

Web Development
18 Apr 2012
Based on the most recent usage share of web browsers, chrome has overtaken firefox and just a few percent behind Internet Explorer, but in fact,...

8 Impressive Javascript Chrome Experiments with Multiplayer Support

13 Mar 2012
Javascript has become a really important technology to bring full interactive website to us. This time, we are going to show you a few cool...

20 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers & Developers

Web Development
22 Jun 2010
We take a look at 20 of the best Chrome extensions for web designers and developers. Rather than cover the ones you'll find in every...