Transform HTML List With Sort, Filter And Search Functions with List.js

Written by Kevin Liew on 20 Dec 2011
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This is queness' first Javascript plugin post. From now one, we will showcase a javascript plugin/tool every week and eventually, we will build a repository for all useful and robust plugins.

List.js is a tiny in size (7KB!) but robust cross-browser native Javascript that add numerous features to your list. It enhances HTML list element by adding search, sort, filter, add, get, update and remove functionality.

Except the functionality, it has great performance as well. It able to index large amount of data and perform operation on it at reasonable speed.

One more thing, this plugin is still in Beta. However, it seems to be pretty stable and most of the issues have been fixed (in github). Also, it's lack of pagination, but it's on its way.



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Sean Stasio 12 years ago
any plans to put this into a wordpress plugin or would you have a tut for implementing it another way?