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Written by Kevin Liew on 02 May 2011
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Hey guys, if you missed out our previous Brainstorm Giveaway with an incredible content composer. Don't worry, we have another awesome theme that has the same feature for you! Come Join us on twitter and win Someday Premium WordPress Theme.

Someday is a powerful WordPress theme that gives you enormous flexibility thanks to the extensive but optional features and the awesome content composer which has proven to be a very successful method of creating a desired layout for your website.

One of the most amazing features is the Content Composer which lets you manage (drag&drop) your content and layout easily.

But there are tons more feature that are giving you maximum flexibility and customizability and all easy to use.

Screen cast

So, how does the content composer works? Please watch this screencast, you will be amazed.

More Screen Casts Author Portfolio Brainstorm Homepage

Competition is closed

We will be announcing our lucky 4 winners soon! Stay tuned.

Congratulation to the following readers, you will receive an email to grab your free copy Someday Premium WordPress Theme! Thanks everyone for participating this competition.

  • Andrea - @ferra_andre
  • Affan Rusian - @affanruslan
  • Ahoban - @aahoban
  • Karl Goldstraw - @karlgoldstraw
  • Elvis - elvisparkinson
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Adrian 9 years ago
DirTek 9 years ago
Sumon @ Sumon seleem's Blog 9 years ago
Nice theme. Count me in for the contest.
alan thomson 9 years ago
Excellent overview, it pointed me out something I didn’t realize before. I should encourage for your wonderful work. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. Thank you for sharing this information with us. For more information you can visit to
Ahoban 9 years ago
Thanks for the giveaway. Following and tweeted.
Manny Sanchez 9 years ago
Im in!
Silvana Vilela 9 years ago
good. @silvana_maga
Brandon 9 years ago
Karl Goldstraw 9 years ago
This is a great post, thanks. I'd really like to win! I never win stuff :(
Ronald 9 years ago
thx so much for the giveaway
i have shared on twitter :!/ronalddig/status/65746131396726784

its so great that you post these awesome theme giveaway. they are very useful for people like me .
theme looks awesome

thx very much :)
Eray Alakese 9 years ago
WPMineworks 9 years ago
Hoping to win this great giveaway.