Giveaway 5 SpriteRight MacApp for effortless CSS Spritesheets Creation

Written by Kevin Liew on 04 Jan 2012
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Giveaway is a Mac App called SpriteRight which is designed to simplify the process of creating CSS spritesheets. In case you don't know CSS Sprite already, you can read these two articles: CSS Sprite from A-List-Apart and CSS Sprite article from SmashingMagazine. In one sentence, CSS Sprite is a technique that aiming to reduce HTTP connection and save bandwidth by combining multiple images into one image. It has to work with CSS background-position properties to reference the correct part of the CSS Sprite.

Creating CSS Sprite can be time consuming and it's a tedious process, introduced is SpriteRight CSS Sprite creator. SpriteRight imports your existing CSS or image files and it will pack your graphics into the smallest space possible. Make your sites load faster, cut bandwidth costs and save time. SpriteRight even generates CSS code on the fly.

Thanks to the generosity from SpriteRightApp, you can get it for free! We're giving away 5 licenses to our lucky winners.



What do winners get?

Each winner will get a free SpriteRight license. It only works on Mac.


Thanks for your participation, we have our five lucky winners:

  • acaPAWN7 - @acaPAWN7
  • Uncleserb - @uncleserb
  • Andrea - @ferra_andre
  • oliverastro - @oliverastro
  • Johnathan Croom - @johnathancroom
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acaPAWN7 12 years ago
I would use JomSocial to build a website with huge collection of Mac OS X apps, including free and paid apps, tips, reviews and other related news. But basically it is just a list of free Mac apps, since the best thing in the world is free stuff! It would be great if it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and etc. Hope I can win this, thanks.

My tweet link:!/acaPAWN7/status/154445583887777792
acaPAWN7 12 years ago
Oh I won, thank you very much :D
Uncleserb 12 years ago
Looks like a useful little app for something that can prove to be real tedious at times ;)!/uncleserb/statuses/154524562426572800

G'luck to all!
Johnathan Croom 12 years ago
Johnathan Croom 12 years ago
Whoo! I won! Part-ayyyyyyyyy. :D
Rafael Vogel 12 years ago
Great blog! I was looking for cool HTML 5 techniques and I found this great source! Thanks you!