26 Really Amazing, Stunning and Creative Typography

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 Oct 2010
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Typography is the art of arranging type and modifying type glyphs. The main goal of this effective technique is to convey the message to the reader in a handier manner and in a really effective way. In this showcase we've gathered examples which show how attractive can be a simple artwork with a good typography. Look through this cool roundup of stunning typography cases and make sure that this technique plays an important role in successful design projects.

"Typography at its best is a visual form of language linking timelessness and time".

These wise words were said by Canadian poet, typographer, translator and author of "The Element of typographic style" Robert Bringhurst. They are like a confirmation that the beauty of typography is timelessness and inexpressible. It has no boarders and no limits. It is everywhere around us and it fills our life with bright and soft colors, with happy and romantic feelings and of course it fills our inner world with inspiration. This kind of art inspires designers to create really outstanding and unique artworks, whether it's web design, album art, posters, or any other type of graphic design. Without typography every project seems incomplete and short. This powerful tool has an inevitable importance in the field of web designing. It can be one of the most fascinating elements of design. We should not underestimate its significance, cause almost 90 percent of information on the Web involves typography. It encompasses many separate fields from the type designer who creates letter-forms to the graphic designer who selects typefaces and arranges them on the page. Any medium of communication need a good typography for its success. Designers try to do their best to achieve best results. They use different variants of fonts, glyphs and try to do everything possible to impart the main message to the readers in a handier manner and in a really effective way. Artists always experiment with typography to stand out against the crowd of ordinary designs and projects. In spite of line length, line spacing, spaces between groups of letters, forms of letters, fonts and their sizes the outcome can be really outstanding and awesome.

Looking at the pictures below you can make sure that the beauty of typography doesn't depend on its form. We've ran over the Web and found a lot of interesting and stunning designers' artworks where typography is one of the more crucial aspects. These beautiful examples of typography are sometimes cute, sometimes funny, sometimes subtle but always just different from things we're used to. Eye-catching and engaging typography can come in a variety of different forms. Today, we feature five categories of this effective art. We've covered the following: hand drawn typography, big bold typography, floral typography, vintage and retro typography and typography in motion. We are sure, you'll find some inspiration for your future unique artworks. All links lead to the corresponding images, feel free to comment.

Hand Drawn Typography

Hand drawn typography is a perfect source of inspiration for typography lovers and connoisseurs. It wins the world with its new styles and forms. Hand drawn artworks can be created completely by hand, sketched, scanned into Photoshop or Illustrator and made by using fonts that create a hand drawn effect.

  • Line in the Sky

    "Life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance you must keep moving."
  • MWM Graphics

    Creative example of black and white hand drawn typography.
  • Megtown

    The filigree work is awesome.
  • Mrana

    A green leaf with an amazing typography by mrana.
  • David Maclennan

Big Bold Typography

Let's give a typography an important position it deserves. Big typography always stands out against small and minimal forms, it has its unique and inimitable style.

  • Natl.tv

    National Television uses big bold and loud typography. It's very interesting to familiarize with this eye catching project, which at the first gaze attracts viewers' attention with bright large typography.
  • Freshe.st

    Design company has a clear focus on big typography.
  • Kokokaka

    Swedish design agency uses literally big capital letters and bright links.
  • Studio Number One

    Studio Number One is a Los Angeles-based creative firm where art and design bridge the gap between culture and enterprise. The company features colorful typography mixed with bright pictures.
  • Wind Jammer

    The company from London has its own style and chooses outstanding big letters in the homepage.

Floral Typography

By using floral typography you can create really outstanding artworks and convey a message in a very attractive way. It's kind of technique that combines calligraphy, typography and lettering to create energetic "flourishing" design.

  • Glamour

    Amusing picture. Subtle details and a patient work! It really has some... glamour!
  • Sumeco

    Stunning flourishing artwork by Holand designer Theo Aartsma.
  • Hello

    A real masterpiece, very original and extraordinary way of writing the word "hello". Beautiful creation by Pomme Chan.
  • Yulia Brodskaya

    "The magic is in the telling". Sensitive and gentle typography by Yulia Brodskaya.
  • Don't Panic

    Impressive plastic illusions by Stefan Chinof. Hard and fresh style.

Vintage and Retro Typography

Retro typography can offer viewers something they haven't expected at all. Vintage designs arise feelings, awake memories and involve broad range of readers. It is completely different from modern design and this peculiarity is its main benefit.

  • Cadillac

    Vintage Cadillac badge on the front grill on 1904 model. Nameplate looks like a hand made.
  • Jack Daniel

    Classic black and white Jack Daniel's label in a nifty retro style.
  • Straub Beer

    This lid makes us feel thirsty. The artwork is a great example of vintage typography.
  • E

    Squiggled door grille with initial E at Basel, Switzerland.
  • Live Together Forever

    Wonderful and charming typography in monochrome color.

Typography in Motion

Let's look at the gorgeous examples of typography embedded into the movies and videos. Letters are jumping, moving and even dancing in order to make us feel.

  • Are you gonna be My Girl

    This Music video is literally based on a typography, the color scheme is awesome.
  • Cuarteto de Nos

    The combination of letters, illustration and text effects is simply incredible.
  • Duck and cover

    Typography assignment using audio from an old public service announcement called “Duck and Cover” from the 50s.
  • Alex Gopher - The Child

    Cult typography video for fonts lovers and graphic designers by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for the French DJ Alex Gopher.
  • Wedding Crashers: The Perfect Girl

    Cute video with a nice typography.

The Last Click

Awesome and fascinating dancing typography. We're sure you'll like it.

  • Dancing typography

    Really original and creative way to present the content. Successful experiment by Roman Cortes.
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I love it when designers create a design just by using pretty or interesting type, like with the Live Together Forever postcard printing. There are so many really beautifully designed typefaces. The floral type you have here is amazing, but you would have to use it on something that was meant to be artistic. It is too ornate and difficult to read for marketing purposes.