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Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Dec 2014
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Any design project, whether for web or otherwise, should have a focus on typography. In fact it should be one of the first things you think of before beginning. Fonts and typefaces serve much more purpose than to look pretty, which is why there are so many of them available out there.

Typefaces actually affect the branding, image and atmosphere given off by your company. They offer a first impression of your business without a client or customer having to even know what you do. If this has you rethinking the typography on your website, you might want to check out some of these creative free fonts to jazz your site up. You can download fonts and start designing great typography driven websites.

Stitching Font by Filiz Sahin

This font is bold and colourful and almost something you’d expect to find in  retro comic or on an Andy Warhol creation. Square and capitalised, letters are presented with a patterned overlay in a variety of bright shades.

This is YURY by Stefano Fusaro

This red typeface is very linear and almost childlike, made up of a series of red rectangles in each letter. It almost looks as if someone had used colourful sellotape to create each letter.

Navia Type by 21LAB

The self-described bold and sharp font does exactly as it says on the tin. Made of angular white type with filled-in holes in letters, this is certainly a statement typeface.

Drop Type by Filiz Sahin

Another colourful Sahin creation, this typeface is fantastically colourful, filled with psychedelic rainbow blobs on each letter. Again type is in capitals and the pattern on each letter would suit a retro themed site.

Adamas Regula by Octavian Belintan

This cool, quirky font is made up of a web of thin white lines inside a bold, block letter. The pattern is designed so that it almost seems like the font itself is 3D.

MAKHINA by Nuno Dias

One of the only fonts to come in a lowercase type, the MAKHINA free font is one which is bold and unmistakable. The bright yellow shade of the type seems suited to those in trades with its immediate stand-out effect.

Metropolis 1920 by Josip Kelava

As the name of this font suggests, there’s a serious 1920s vibe going on here. The simple font uses 2 white parallel lines to create each letter giving it an ultimately timeless feel.

Skatekey Font by Greg Eckler

This chunky typeface offers both uppercase and lowercase letters to create letters which are angular but have a sort of pointy handwriting feel to them. The colour scheme is shades of blue, which looks beautifully ombre in the preview of this font.

Drebeden Font by Serge Shi

This beautifully elegant font looks as though it’s jumped straight off a film poster from the 1960s. Sharp, slim and with extended upper and lower tails, it’s the perfect headline writing for a classy, elegant homepage.

Knit Type by Filiz Sahin

Sahin seems unstoppable in the creation of forward thinking free fonts and the knitting type is no different. Ideal for a visual and creative site, knitting type makes letters look like they have been stitched onto the site, with strings of yarn joining them together.

You won’t find these fonts on bingo sites as yet, but maybe in 2015 one of these sites will be more creative and make use of these free fonts. 

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Heather Lewis 9 years ago
These fonts are cool. However, I don’t think it would fit on corporate websites. I am going to use these on one of my artsy websites. Thanks for sharing.