24 Business Cards with Extraordinary Shapes

Written by Kevin Liew on 13 Jan 2011
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Nowadays, business cards are no long in rectangle shape, people are trying to be creative to attract more attention and to give a better impression to other people. Unlike those ordinary business cards, they come in rectangle shape, in this collection, I have found 24 business cards in a shape that you might not even could imagine.

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Eko S 13 years ago
Amazing, very crative business card designs...thanks for the inspiration
Theo 13 years ago
Inspiring and very nice card collection!
Christina Moore 13 years ago
How creative! It's amazing what some people will come up with to get their card to stick out. I've been meaning to get new business cards made, I just need to decide on a design. Plastic cards are suppose to be a good way to go, maybe I'll try that! Check out this site I found... they have some really cool options. http://www.plastekcards.com/
Dan 13 years ago
Nice collection!
I really liked Sean M Kinney's cuttin' edge card. Says a lot about him, or at least what he wishes to convey :)
Designer85 13 years ago
As amazing as they are, and most are pretty cool...how practical are they? It looks like the comb card would be bent to heck and back unless handled very gently, and some of the others would be either too expensive to mass produce, or would be too large to keep along with other cards which could then get lost. I don't know, I've thought about getting really creative with my card designs for myself, but I keep coming back to the same reasons not to go too crazy: price, storage, convenience. I just make the design on the standard card look really cool instead....