Minimalism: Complex Philosophical Theories Through Basic Shapes

Written by Kevin Liew on 16 Mar 2012
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Genis Carreras - the graphic designer behind a poster series explaining complex philosophical theories through basic shapes. It needs high level of imagination and creativity to condense such a complex idea into simple shapes and colors and Genis definitely did a great job in this. You can buy his poster in here.

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  • DeismPhilosophical Ideas - Deism
  • HumanismPhilosophical Ideas - Humanism
  • EmpiricismPhilosophical Ideas - Empiricism
  • SolipsismPhilosophical Ideas - Solipsism
  • ReductionismPhilosophical Ideas - Reductionism
  • HolismPhilosophical Ideas - Holism
  • RelativismPhilosophical Ideas - Relativism
  • AuthoritarianismPhilosophical Ideas - Authoritarianism
  • RationalismPhilosophical Ideas - Rationalism
  • PositivismPhilosophical Ideas - Positivism
  • DogmaPhilosophical Ideas - Dogma
  • Free willPhilosophical Ideas - Free will
  • ScepticismPhilosophical Ideas - Scepticism
  • RealismPhilosophical Ideas - Realism
  • UtilitarianismPhilosophical Ideas - Utilitarianism
  • MarxismPhilosophical Ideas - Marxism
  • AbsolutismPhilosophical Ideas - Absolutism
  • DeterminismPhilosophical Ideas - Determinism
  • HedonismPhilosophical Ideas - Hedonism
  • ExistentialismPhilosophical Ideas - Existentialism
  • NihilismPhilosophical Ideas - Nihilism
  • IdealismPhilosophical Ideas - Idealism
  • DualismPhilosophical Ideas - Dualism
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Logoswish 12 years ago
Interesting design philosophy. Thank you.
Pritesh Desai 12 years ago
This is amazing, the artist has expressed the ideas in a beautiful manner.
Tom B 12 years ago
These are beautiful!
gennaro 12 years ago
come sempre in questi casi il margine che divide la genialità dalla cagata è sottilissimo.
nice 11 years ago
These are really nice, I like this sort of art style but can never remember what it is called!
Jonathan 11 years ago
you don't present monism, but instead one version, idealism. what about physicalism?