13 Simple but Useful Online Tools for Web Development

Written by Kevin Liew on 14 Apr 2010
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As a web developer, I always bookmark websites that are really useful and able to increase my productivity. Most of them perform small task that could reduce fair a bit of times if you've to do it manually. So, I searched through my bookmark, filtered a lot of irrelevant websites, handpicked those I think it's really handy and finally, I have this list.

I just want to share my favourite online tools, some might not even relevant to your needs, if you have some great tools, please share it with me :)

  • Preloaders

    I have been working on a few websites that use ajax. Whenever I need a loading animated gif, I will visit this website and grab the one that I like. It has variety of choices and configurations that allow you to customize the animated gif.
  • Email Spambot Protection Generator

    So, you want to put your email address but afraid of spam? You can use javascript to embed it. This website can help you to convert your email to javascript, and then output it into human readable format.
  • JSON Formatter and Validator

    Just recently, I have spent fair a bit of time with JSON, however, it's not formatted and really hard to read it. I found this tool, and I think it's quite handy to have.
  • Guide to CSS Support

    This not really a tool, it's actually a reference to create EDM. I used it since two years ago, but I don't think I need it anymore because I can remember it! So, if you're creating EDM, you can use this as a reference.
  • Password Generator

    You have no ideas how many times I have to generate passwords to secure websites that I have been working on. So, a handy online tool - password generator will help you create one.
  • Htaccess Tools

    I'm not much of linux user, but I do know some linux command that can help me to setup a website in a server. One thing I hate the most is creating htaccess authentication, I could never able to remember the command to generate htpasswd file. Thanks to the Internet, I found this and it's really useful.
  • Code Beautifier

    This is a CSS formatter and optimser. It's a quite powerful online tool to help you tidy up your CSS code and reduce the file size by replacing some CSS code with CSS shorthands, shorter color code and remove unnecessary characters.
  • W3C Validator

    I guess everyone will know this. Always validate your code and fix all those errors, you will be amazed how it can pick up some human mistakes.
  • Raw Url Encode/Decode

    I think this is just for me, somehow I have to deal with it once a while, so I chuck it here in case you need it.
  • Favicon Creator

    I created Queness's favicon using this online tool. I think it's simple and great.
  • W3C Find Broken Links

    The basic testing of any websites - make sure all the links are working. You can use this tool to detect broken links.
  • PC Names

    PC names is my favourite domain name finder. I like it because it's ajax based and I can get the result almost instantly.
  • XML Sitemaps Generator

    You don't have to create xml sitemap manually, you can just submit your website to this generator and it will figure it out for you, pretty handy.
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Laddy 10 years ago
http://freetrustseal.com lets you put a free trust seal on your site.
Alex Flueras 10 years ago
Great article, a lot of useful stuff. Thanks for sharing.
Elaine 10 years ago
Thanks for sharing, very useful :)
sean nieuwoudt 10 years ago
Great post, but you forgot http://cssdesk.com/

extremely useful!
goofydg1 10 years ago
nice job.
aditia 10 years ago
that preloader very cool, thanks for sharing
Hussain Anjar 10 years ago
Really useful stuff thanks a lot.
softpact 10 years ago
I using the preloader to my jquery they are nice gif you can use, I recomended!
nilyvn 10 years ago
Nice online tools for web development.
Its all tools are very useful for web development.
Thanks for great sharing.
mugiwara 10 years ago
nice work thanks you very mutch
Gerard 10 years ago
Web Design India 10 years ago
Hey, great post! There are so many cool techniques described here, big thanks!
Nisha Shah 10 years ago
Thanks. Excellent tools. I will implement these tools on my website. Thanks for your information.