12 Insanely Awesome Javascript Effects

Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Apr 2010
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Alright, have you ever seen these effects? Awesome, stunning and cool javascript effect! It's part of the chrome experiment and it's amazing. When I first look at it, I was like, whoa, that couldn't be done with flash few years ago!

I have chosen 12 of them that I really like, and I hope you will enjoy them. Best view with google chrome, firefox or Internet explorer will be a little bit laggy or could not run at all.

  • Canopy

    Canopy is a fractal tree zoomer, vector style. Press play to start falling, click to go faster. Try turning Mutation and Bloom on. The tree will get a little weirder.
  • Ball Pool

    Start by shaking the browser, then create new balls (click on empty space), move some others (drag) and reset the screen (double click).
  • Starfield

    A simple starfield (512 stars).
  • Floating cube

    Floating cubes make the words "Chrome Experiment".
  • 3D Model Viewer

    Javascript 3d Model Viewer is an experiment realyzed with javascript and canvas element (HTML 5). It's possible to view 3d models (dinosaur, ship, helicopter), rotate them, change color and transparency and add a motion blur effect.
  • Many Lines

    Line drawing via particle system
  • Depth of Field

    300 balls form a plane, a cube, a little universe, a sphere and then disappear. Unfortunately this piece is shy and doesn't want to interact with you yet. But nothing stops you from watching it from any angle.
  • Fish

    Some fish gather in shoals in order to avoid predators. Your mouse is the predator and they will avoid it, scare them as much as you like but they'll still come back.
  • Liquid Particles

    Play around with particles and their liquid-like motion, move your mouse through them, occasionaly click or hold down the mouse button.
  • Orange Tunnel

    Classical tunnel effect, demoscene style.
  • Colors Cube

    Colorscube is a simple mapping of the RGB colorspace into 3d. A little bit of alpha goes a long way. Try it in black.
  • Kaleidoscope

    A kind of kaleidscope made only of filled circles with opacity. All parameters are random, so the scheme change everytime.
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rory 10 years ago
Love jquery treats on a tuesday...
Ball Pool is very cool, with a smooth action. Canopy is beautiful reminds me of the start of the film 'Watership Down'.... yeah the one with the rabbits!! Cheers for the jquery showcase.
Dr Bloke 10 years ago
Love it!
Derrick 10 years ago
This is very impressive! I can't wait until webGL is more widely adopted, so we can have MUCH faster, hardware accelerated 3D.
Motyar 10 years ago
Humnn all these are HTML5 and chrome examples. You should check some pure jquery animations at http://motyar.blogspot.com/search/label/Animation
Mehdi Mousavi 10 years ago
Truly amazing!
Jordan Walker 10 years ago
so impressed with jQuery.
denbagus 10 years ago
wow... very awesome..!! :)
Webanddesigners 10 years ago
Cool effects
Free Javascript Codes 10 years ago
that's all very cool & great js effect, thank you very much for sharing.

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Awaiting your response. Thank
دنيا الدلع 10 years ago
nice stuff

Jatin Mehta 10 years ago
nice one, thanks
O.M. 10 years ago
very impressive vision, ....
Tom 10 years ago
Loved the orange tunnel.