10 Cool Websites with Amazing jQuery Effects

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Mar 2010
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jQuery framework is getting really hot nowadays. A lot of websites have started to use it as the javascript framework. For myself, I too stick with jQuery because it has a really good documentation, a lot of tutorials out there (I have written heaps of them as well :) ), heaps of plugins available and most importantly it's pretty stable and supported by most modern browsers.

Before jQuery, I hated javascript, but now, jQuery has changed thing around, it has changed the way we code javascript and make it really easy and enjoyable! Alright, too much of compliments (by the way, noone pays me to say that).

Alright, it's time to show you something cool. Check out the following websites, they all are using pretty amazing animation and intensive javascript effects!

  • Andreas Hinkel
    Andreas Hinkel
    This website has a palaroid navigation menu that uses jQuery for the animation effect.
  • Kobe
    It has a pretty unique slider. From what I can see is, I think the main slider and the description bar should have different interval for the animation and thus created such a beuatiful and slick sliding effect.
  • Grooveshark Widgets
    Grooveshark Widgets
    Massive amount of cool jQuery scripts are used by this website. You have to check out the form element, and the widget selector.
  • Jon White Studio
    Jon White Studio
    It's a blog but with a cool navigation menu on the top.
  • Lisa Pram
    Lisa Pram
    I have to say, this is another cool website that uses jQuery as the javascript framework. It as a simple design but astonish animation. I really couldn't understand the navigation menu though.
  • Museu Gulbenkian
    Museu Gulbenkian
    This used to be Alex Buga's website. But he sold the design to a museum. It has a well-implemented drag dock in the bottom. You need to see it!
  • Sapphire Sound
    Sapphire Sound
    A flash like website. It has different kind of jQuery effect. First of all, the image gallery thumbnail caption effect, custom scrollbar, and you also can see the fading, sliding animation.
  • Slice Machine
    Slice Machine
    This website has been around for quite a while. But whenever I look at it, I really like the animation for their product/service packages.
  • ThinkAV
    This is a really cool website. It doesn't have an outstanding design, but it looks like a flash website, but underneath it, it's purely Ajax and jQuery animation.
  • Utah.travel
    This website full of custom built jQuery script. Image Slider, tab interface and an attractive & customized side menu. I haven't really seen this kind of menu before, so I bookmarked it and share it with you all.
  • WebMynd
    Another amazing website. It's quite hard to figure it out how it works. Anyway, the website is well designed and beautifully crafted :) Very smart idea.
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kevin 14 years ago
Cool lkist, some interesting inspiration.
cyberfox 14 years ago
Amazing Websites! Thanks.
Wordpress Wiz 14 years ago
Good examples. I think if you get into learning raw Javascript , you would def appreciate Javascript frameworks a lot more.
kevin Admin 14 years ago
Yea, i'm agree with you... I wouldn't love jQuery so much if I hadn't went though the though raw javascript...
Jordan Walker 14 years ago
Those are all great implementations of jQuery.
pupunzi 14 years ago
If you plan to make another list of website please take a look at mine too: http://pupunzi.com

I'm a jQuery developer and I've published several jQuery plugins.
jquery 14 years ago
It was interesting to read this article and I hope to read a new article about this subject in your site in the near time.
Paul Bennett 14 years ago
Soem really nice websites here! when you refer to WebMynd, can a website that is"quite hard to figure it out how it works" really be well designed? Maybe visually, but in terms of UX and ease-of-use, maybe not?
kevin Admin 14 years ago
Hi Paul, sorry bout the wording, I meant the jQuery animation is well-designed and beautifully crafted :)
nyczdesigns 14 years ago
Paul - agreed, but it's the classic Functionality vs. Design argument. Most of the sites just took a second to figure out. Lisa Pram's site on the other hand, that was a mess! The nav slivers were hard to click and half the time the picture didn't even show.
inspirationfeed 14 years ago
I like grovesharks the best.
Web Design Kent 14 years ago
jQuery is hot, the sites you mention, too!
And in the times of broadband internet access, who cares about a few MegaByte?

Thanks for this entry.
netbookseeepc 14 years ago
wow ! thank for article