12 Useful Logo Web Galleries to Help You Create a Great Logo

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Feb 2010
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Logo design, I guess it's one of the most difficult design because we need to embed meaning, branding and corporate identity into a simple piece of design. It's really important to get it right at the first place and further enhance it in the future.We need to brainstorm the concept, do heaps of research to build an effective and unique logo.

However, with the amount of resources and logo gallery websites, we can have easily get inspired and design our own.

First of all, I have found some articles that give you the basic ideas of a good logo and how to create one. I believe it's quite useful to polish our logo design skills.

10 Common Mistakes in Logo DesignLogoes with a meaningDesign a Logo the Ultimate Guide5 Branding basics every logo designer should know

And the following is the collection of Logo Galleries to give you more inspirations. Hope you will like it.

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catcoder 10 years ago
As usually very useful post. I like logopond especially
Aster Goor 10 years ago
Thanks for logo. Logo Of The Day it's cool
Mikael Halén 10 years ago
Thanks for sharing! I read a post on Spoongraphics blog that touched the topic.
dangerous 10 years ago
I liked Logo Ideas Gallery . use in my new blog soon.
suraklin 10 years ago
thanks for the stuff!
kevin Admin 10 years ago
good article
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Al Kamal Md. Razib 9 years ago
Nice collection. Thanks for sharing. If you need any graphics design please visit
Color Business Card 9 years ago
I like the logo ideas gallery! It's so colorful and entertaining!
bryan furry 9 years ago
The post is absolutely fantastic!
hughesnet 9 years ago
Pretty good post.
tastes wine bar 9 years ago
Wow! I love it ......
business logo design 9 years ago
I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.