Designers can Now Create Professional Websites for their Clients with Webydo

Written by Kevin Liew on 30 Oct 2013
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Web developers have always played a crucial part in the making of a website, seeing as designers were always obliged to rely on manual programming whenever they set out to create a client’s online business venue. You will be pleased to learn that this is no longer true.

Webydo provides the ideal alternative, insofar as it’s a free online software for professional designers, by designers who wish to break free from the confines of code writing dilemma. Basically, the online platform was engineered for the purpose of converting designers’ concepts into code, thereby eliminating the necessity of a developer’s services.

Webydo is also offering a special and limited time discount to all of our readers. Just insert Queness720 at the checkout and you’ll get 67% off their yearly Premium plan.

If you come to think of all the implications attached to taking full charge of a website from start to finish, the first thing that dawns on you is how much this opens the lines of communication between you and your clients. Not to mention the fact that you can go wild by embodying whatever creative idea you may harbor straight into the website’s layout without any intermediaries. In order to start making as many websites as you like,, you will need to sign up for a free Webydo account and then knock yourself out launching a website that will be initially published as a sub-domain with unlimited bandwidth, 1 GB storage, and 15 pages.

Regarding the design process, your online dashboard has intuitive options that were devised in the likeness of Indesign and Adobe Photoshop. The articles gathered in Webydo’s Knowledge Base, together with the video tutorials, provide a wealth of information with step by step intro’s for creating your client’s website. From over the dashboard, designers can choose to draw inspiration from one of the fully customizable sample designs, start a design from scratch, or mould one of the layouts according to your vision. As such, users can edit any and all areas from a given theme by dragging-and-dropping their videos, texts, shapes, Flash media, widgets (including E-commerce widgets for online stores), and any other imaginable element (free fonts are also placed at users’ disposal). As soon as the design process is over and done with, you can press “Publish” and watch your website instantly go on air. 

In terms of management, you’ll be thrilled to know that Webydo’s Content Management System (CMS) alleviates designers from the responsibility of editing website content once it’s launched: actually, you can designate editable sections for the website owners to mess with, without it affecting your design. In addition, the dashboard is where you can directly invoice your clients for all your services rendered; moreover, you can showcase your own brand identity instead of Webydo’s (especially on the dashboard, as well as on clients’ CMS and login screen).

Webydo’s automatically generated code renders all websites responsive, which means that they will look just as crisp on a desktop, as on Retina display. Up till now, well over 85,000 websites have been built with the help of this outstanding website creator, and are now heavily protected, hosted on cloud-based servers, and optimized to work at peak performance.

Whichever subscription plan users choose to settle on, it’s important to know that they can be cancelled or changed anytime. If you take another step forward and enlist an annual Premium subscription for $9.90/month, you unlock the possibility to publish it as part of your own domain, and take up 2 GB of storage, as well as unlimited pages and bandwidth. Lastly, Webydo are offering our readers a special discount off their first year Premium plan, valid for the next 10 days. Just use: Queness720 and get 67% off!

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