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Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Nov 2021
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Year after year, the number of individuals who choose to conduct their shopping online grows. After all, online shopping is more convenient, fast, and cost-effective than traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. There are no exceptions when it comes to customers shopping at auto dealerships! Do you intend to open an online shop offering auto parts and accessories?

You're squandering money if you're not.

Invariably, automotive eCommerce is the new frontier, and the profit potential is skyrocketing.

Experts in automotive eCommerce predict a bright future for the sector, and thousands of customers have already started buying vehicle components online due to their confidence. With so much room for expansion, you've likely pondered joining the online community.

Which eCommerce platform is best for selling auto parts online?

There are many eCommerce solution vendors. It's conceivable that choosing the best eCommerce provider may take you months.

The question is, how many of these stores are solely dedicated to selling auto parts?

It is much more challenging to sell auto components online than selling clothes, books, or jewelry. Because the online automotive industry has such unique needs, it is clear that an automotive-specific eCommerce solution is required.

Generic platforms will not suffice. To begin with, you won't be able to get an OEM catalog from them, which is required for running a parts website.

What about components?

Because the eCommerce industry is constantly growing, seize control of the market while still tiny to ensure long-term success. With our practical guidance on picking the best eCommerce solution for selling auto parts online, we aim to help you determine which system is best for you and your dealership's profitability.

What are your objectives for selling parts on the Internet?

Set some goals after you've decided that selling car parts online is a good fit for your company. Finding a solution that fits your requirements will be much easier with this information.

In what period do you anticipate your spare parts company expanding?

Are you aiming for fast sales growth, or are you happy with a few more component sales each month?

Is it essential for you to be able to sell on many platforms?

Local vs. national vs. a hybrid

Whether you intend to sell locally or nationwide, the method you run and manage your online parts business will differ.

While the national level is more lucrative, it is also more crowded. Maintaining one's place at the top may require more time and work, but the chances of success are higher.

You may also offer local components via an internet store. If you're still apprehensive about doing business online, start with customers in your immediate area who are already familiar with your website. Then, after you've mastered it, go to the next level.

Finally, online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon provide a variety of distinct benefits. Select an online store that will work with you to change the service, whichever option you choose. They must be scalable to satisfy both your current and future goals.

Consider the following inquiries: 

  • Do you wish to sell locally or on a national scale?

  • Are you looking to grow fast and aggressively, or are you just getting started?

  • Do you want to sell anything on eBay or Amazon, for example?

What are some examples of ways in which the support staff goes above and beyond?

If you're having trouble setting up or running your online store, you'll need someone to turn to for tailored support, whether it's technical assistance, advice, or a simple inquiry.

If an eCommerce system takes weeks to reply to a simple question, a system with professional support personnel may be able to move things along more quickly.

However, regardless of how much they advertise it, not all service providers will deliver on their promise of better help.

Please inquire about the quality of support while comparing a platform with other dealerships already using it. You may also call the customer service line and check if anybody answers!

Consider the following inquiries: 

  • In what ways does the service help?

  • What is included in the cost of support, and what is not?

  • How quickly does the company's customer service respond? What is the extent of their efficacy?

  • What technique will you use to contact them? 

  • Do you prefer to communicate through phone, email, or in-person meetings?

Is the automotive eCommerce platform compatible with the other applications on your computer?

A huge advantage is a seamless connection of your eCommerce system with the tools you already use to interact with your customers. Keep an eye out for hidden costs since certain service providers may charge you an additional price if you wish to add these services.

Car components may now be sold online more quickly, easily, and efficiently thanks to advances in technology. Shipping management software (ShipStation or ShipWorks) automates much of the shipping process, including order fulfillment and customer contact.

Send personalized emails to your customers using a free email marketing platform like MailChimp to boost sales and sell more auto parts online. MailChimp is an excellent example of a free utility.

DMS integration may save your team a significant amount of time in the long term. Instead of sending new. cvs files to eBay every day, DMS integration may automatically update your listings based on your inventory.

Consider the following inquiries: 

  • Do you currently utilize any integration tools, such as email, document management systems, or Google product feeds?

  • Does the service provider provide any integration software?

  • Is there a fee for extra integration tools?

How secure and reliable are the payment methods and platform in terms of security?

Customers will only make purchases if they are comfortable in your capacity to manage their credit card information. Determine if an eCommerce service provider's system has ever been hacked.

Tokenized payment systems (a randomly generated number), which utilize a token rather than a credit card number, should be available on any eCommerce site.

Thieves cannot steal credit card information from eCommerce sites that utilize tokenized payment systems since they do not store it.

eCommerce systems should support payment gateways such as PayPal,, and CenPos.

Consider the following inquiries: 

  • Is there a track record of implementing security solutions on the eCommerce platform?

  • Is it possible to store credit card information on the system?

  • What security safeguards do you put in place to protect the information you've gathered?

  • How many standard payment methods does the eCommerce platform support?

  • If yes, is the online shop compliant with PCI security requirements?

In conclusion

To be successful in automotive eCommerce, you must be ready to invest both time and money. After you've selected your program, setting up your website and selling components is a piece of cake.

Increasing your revenue is easy when you work with a reliable automotive eCommerce solution that fits your needs. Choosing the wrong platform may lead to both costly and catastrophic failure.

Use a company that will help you through the whole process of selling auto components online.

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