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Written by Kevin Liew on 02 Jun 2021
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If you are working with the organization, has your team asked you to join the Microsoft Teams? Are you completely unaware of Microsoft Teams? Well, no worries!! In this article, I will talk about Microsoft Teams and how you can make use of it. If you want to become professional while accessing Microsoft Teams, you must join this Microsoft Office Training Program to understand in-depth.

Before discussing how to use Microsoft Teams, let’s first understand what Microsoft Teams is? Microsoft Teams is a business tool that is collaborated with the Microsoft Office 365 product family. There are various definitions about Microsoft Teams such as:

  • It is a business communication platform where you can communicate with different business partners to expand your business.

  • It is a collaborative workspace where the teams of the organizations can talk with their members while discussing the project.

  • It is a chat-based platform where you can schedule your meetings, conference calls and discuss significant decisions of the company.

  • It is a cloud-based team collaboration software where the primary documents and files are stored in central cloud storage, which everyone accesses.

Microsoft Office 365 has launched its new product in 2017, known to us as Microsoft Teams, accessed by a large community of people. It brings new experiences, new conversations, content as it connects people and brings tools required by the team. With the help of Microsoft Teams, we see tremendous opportunities and changes in how people and groups get the project done within the deadline and how they connect to complete the task together. Microsoft Teams enable teams to become more organized and flexible as communication and information flow between them. It creates a digital environment that helps to make work more accessible and coordinated within the teams.

Essential Goals Of Microsoft Teams

In this section of my article, I will talk about the significant goals of Microsoft Teams. These goals are:

Communication Platform

Microsoft Teams is one of the essential platforms that provides a great communication experience within teams. With the help of meaningful and informative chats, it binds all the team members and keeps them engaged. Team conversations are visible to everyone, and people can scroll up in case they miss the conversation. The team members can search for a specific chat easily. They can smoothly carry out their private discussion, and with the help of Skype, they can take part in voice and video conferencing. You can do video conferencing with your team members by using audio calls, video calls, screen sharing, chatting, recording, file sharing, and much more.

Clusters Of Teamwork

Microsoft Teams brings a hub of teamwork through Excel, Word, Powerpoint, SharePoint, Onenote, Planner, etc., which are built-in Microsoft Teams so that teams can exchange information and documents in one go without facing any trouble. Users can easily create groups and invite others to join. They can invite people outside the organization to join their team and can keep it private and public as per their needs. It is the best platform that allows members to move naturally from one collaboration tool to another and share with others in great flexibility.

Customized Tool For Teams

Since every team is unique, the team can create channels to enhance and customize their workspace. For Instance, Tabs provide quick access to frequently used documents, whereas marketing teams might require tools invented within the channel. It provides notifications and updates from third-party applications like Twitter or Github. It allows teams to share their files and documents with other team members without mailing them. It keeps the team chats and essential files searchable within Teams, and you can share the file by right-clicking on the file menu and pressing the copy link. Files shared in Microsoft Teams are worked by multiple users simultaneously, and you can see changes done by another person in the file.

Great Security

Microsoft Teams provides advanced security to the users who are using their platforms. It supports all types of standards and serves its users a large-scale global network of data centers. Data is easily encrypted in transit and has a transparent operational mode to access customer data.

Reasons For Using Microsoft Teams

Why should we use Microsoft Teams? Isn’t this the first question that might appear in your mind? Well, to solve this question, look out these popular reasons for using Microsoft Teams:


Microsoft Teams are pretty famous and used by millions of users due to pandemics making it one of the most used communication platforms.

No Need To Use Emails

Microsoft Teams allow you to put a stoppage on emails as they have collaborated with various software, which automatically reduces the number of emails generated by the team.

Exclusive Workspace

MicrosoftTeams is an entire workspace that provides you with all kinds such as charts, video calls, audio calls, screen sharing, etc., with its integration to third-party apps.

Easy To Use

Microsoft Teams built with a simple and easy interface allows users to carry out their projects with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does Microsoft Teams support all platforms?

Answer-1: Yes, Microsoft Teams supports all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and web.

Question 2: To purchase Microsoft 365 Business Basic, how much users need to spend, and its benefits?b>

Answer-2: Users need to spend $5.00 per user/ month to purchase Microsoft 365 Business Basic, where up to 300 participants handle meetings and calls, and you can record your meeting. You can share files up to 1 TB per user and make use of chats and app integration. You can encrypt your data quickly and take help from admin and support tools.

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