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Written by Kevin Liew on 22 Jun 2020
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PowerPoint presentations have emerged as the language of the business. From sales to marketing, PowerPoint is a powerful tool for meetings. At some point in our education or career, we all have used PowerPoint to create presentations. The software has aligned itself at the very centre of the presentation making, since information can easily be conveyed, it’s user-friendly and PowerPoint helps you engage better with the audience. Presenters can easily control the flow of their presentation by effectively using PowerPoint and its features. Since you have better control with PowerPoint, you can easily set the theme of the presentation, add highlights to specific important parts, showcase numbers to stakeholders and much more.

You can also make use of readymade PowerPoint templates to kickstart your presentation creation. These templates can be downloaded from the internet and be included in your presentation. The templates are professionally crafted and assure sleek design, engaging colour aesthetics and consistency throughout your presentation. When your presentation is engaging, it allows the viewers to create a full picture of subject matter in their mind and remember the key takeaways for a long time. If your presentation is amazing, it gets easy to persuade your audience. For instance, when you’re pitching a new idea to a group of investors, it’s imperative that your presentation looks professional and supports your points and not vice-versa.

What is SlideModel? is one of the most popular websites offering ready to use PowerPoint templates on the internet. There are over 20,000 plus PowerPoint templates here which you can download and boost your presentations.SlideModel offers professionally crafted templates for everybody. You can get a template for almost every presentation topic such as business meetings, on-boarding, HR discussion, analysis, data analytics and much more. Not just that, students and teachers can also leverage the templates available on SlideModel for a better learning process. These ready to use templates support leading presentation software such as Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote etc. You can easily download your favourite template and use it in your presentation seamlessly. 

SlideModel is known for its business templates. The website has a dedicated Google Slides themes category for presentations where users can find a suitable template for their business meetings with added ease. These templates are tailored by expert designers who understand the design aesthetics of corporate branding. Moreover, you can edit these templates as per your wish. Each and every presentation template element is 100% editable, be it background, colour, typography, images, icons and more. Great presentations increase the chances of success in business. You can close more deals when your audience is able to understand your ideas better. It is through an amazing presentation that your business can gain attention and respect and you get the ability to sell your ideas to anyone. 

Let’s move forward and know about latest Google Slides templates which can be used in your presentation to make it better:

Google Slides is gaining momentum as one of the most preferred presentation creation and delivery platforms in current times. You can easily create and edit real-time presentations and collaborate with remote teams without a fuss. SlideModel templates effectively support Google Slides. You can easily import the following templates on Google Slides and start editing the same.


Simple Gauge Template:

The template is best suited for business meetings and can be used for representing qualitative performance. Using dynamic gauges in PowerPoint can have incredible benefits on your presentation. Since most of the people end up creating presentations which are static and stiff, it might get boring for your audience. By inculcating a simple gauge template, you can make your presentation dynamic and attractive. You can provide information to the audience in a more understandable manner. The needles of the gauge depict a speedometer type style and can vary between various values. Thus, you can point gauge at relevant data sources while you speak about it.

Flat Project Management Template:

Project management is a hard skill to master in a corporate environment. With effective project management, businesses can define a plan and set a course for action. It helps entrepreneurs maximize their resources, encourage teamwork and make sure what is being expected is delivered on time. Project management is crucial since it brings direction and leadership to projects. Successful businesses around the world derive real value through project management. You can use the Flat Project Management template to effectively demonstrate different cycles of project management. The template comes pre-packed with engaging charts, layouts and diagrams all relevant as per organizational parameters. The template is best suited for business professionals who are looking forward to showcasing processes and data pertaining to a certain project.

PEST Analysis Diagram Template:

When it comes to understanding market growth or decline, there is no tool greater than PEST analysis. Acronym for Political, Economical, Social and Technological aspects of the market, PEST analysis helps businesses analyse the above factors and make decisions and create fall-proof strategies. You can download this PEST analysis template and start filling in relevant content on the go. The template features four dedicated segments with attractive diagrams and graphics. Presentation creators can target one section at a time and input overview and detail of each factor with added ease. The template is fully editable to attune better to your corporate branding. You can change shapes, colours add mesmerizing effects and more.

Highlighted Event Timeline Template:

The template features a never seen before animated layout for your presentations. Timeline is an important concept in every industry domain. It is critical for managers and solutions architects to develop accurate timelines for project development and management. With timelines, we can visualize time-related metrics, set deadlines, define any possible delays or blockers and sync tasks. You can leverage this timeline template to showcase project planning and events. The template features a slopestyle 5 step process with added infographics, charts, icons and whatnot. Timeline templates can be of great help when it comes to providing a high-level look to your audience.

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