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Material Kit - A Badass Bootstrap UI Kit Based on Material Design

Web Development
13 Apr 2016
Material Design, a visual language designed by Google to demonstrate good design and a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Not just visual design,...

How to clear search and location history in Google Maps on Android

09 Jul 2015
There might be many reasons to clear the search and location history in Google Maps but not everyone knows how to do that. Of course...

Google Web Designer – Cool HTML5 and CSS3 Animation Made Easy

Web Development
02 Oct 2013
The web giant has released a tool called Google Web Designer. I downloaded it but haven't got a time to play with it yet. After...

Recreate Google Nexus Menu

15 Aug 2013
Recently I stumbled upon Codrops' tutorial regarding the recreation of Google Nexus navigation menu. That was inspiring and such a creative navigation system from Google....

24 Amazing Interactive Google Logos and Doodles

15 Aug 2012
 During special occasion, such as birthday of great people, holidays, famous artists, pioneers and world events, Google would make some changes to its logo (Google...

10+ Google Map Javascript Resources to Kick Start Your Mapping Skill

Web Development
23 Aug 2011
Google overhauled its Google Map API completely around year 2009, and the latest version is V3. Unfortunately, they are a lot of expired articles and...

Re-create Google's Search Input Field and Submit Button

04 Jul 2011
Most likely, you have used Google to search something so you're probably familiar with their search form. In this tutorial, I'll show you how...

Give Away 20 Google Wave Invitations from Queness

09 Dec 2009
Google has released Google Wave few months ago, Google stated that Wave will change and impact the way we manage or use our email. I...