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Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Oct 2022
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Android games are constantly evolving, and sometimes you can find more interesting options than computer or console versions. Whether you like puzzles or shooters, there are many decent games in Google Play Store in all genres. Choosing the best option depends not only on the rating but also on your preferences. That is why most lists on the Internet are subjective. In this article, you can choose the best Android game among the top-rated ones.

Top 10 Android Games in 2022

These games are popular among millions of players around the world.

  1. Minecraft. This game needs no introduction, as it has not lost popularity for many years. It is a sandbox and a survival game at the same time. You can do anything you want: build, fight opponents, get valuable items, search for food, make potions, tame horses, and so on.

  2. GRID Autosport. This Android game is one of the best in the racing category. The graphics are striking in their realism. The player can choose racing styles, and GRID Autosport also features over 100 sports cars. A nice bonus is the lack of embedded advertising.

  3. Fortnite. Fortnite battle royale platforms also include the wildly popular Android version. If you can not decide on the genre of the game, this shooter will be the best choice. It has the most colorful events of any major game in existence. You will also see many skins, including iconic characters. The game is constantly updated and has millions of fans around the world.

  4. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. Puzzle fans will definitely appreciate this game. The developers offer not only a huge selection of images, from cute cats to Marvel characters, but also upload your own photos.

  5. Pokémon Go. Although its popularity surge occurred a few years ago, this augmented reality game is still one of the best in its genre. Niantic regularly fixes bugs and offers players new items in the game.

  6. Genshin Impact. This anime-style Android game leads in many lists of the best RPGs. If you are interested in action and elemental magic, dive into the incredible world of Teyvat. Genshin Impact also has a cross-save with the PC version.

  7. Murder Room. This game will appeal to horror fans. Imagine that you are in the same room with a serial killer. Japanese developers offer a lot of terrifying and nerve-wracking moments.

  8. Call of Duty: Mobile. Legendary shooter on the theme of the Second World War. The mobile version has high ratings. Developers offer not only classic modes but also new ones, such as a zombie mode.

  9. eFootball PES 2021. Ideal for eSports fans. Thoughtful gameplay and decent competitive online mode from Konami made this game popular in a short time.

  10. Stardew Valley. One of the best interesting simulations available on Android. Build your perfect farm and explore the mysterious caves; you will get great pleasure from the gameplay.

Each of these games has excellent graphics, high ratings and gives an unforgettable experience to its fans. What genre of mobile games do you prefer?

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