Why WordPress Still is the Number One Option for Building Websites

Written by Bogdan Sandu on 19 Jun 2020
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When you are going to make a new website for your business, the first & most important thing is to select the platform on which the website will be built. Content Management System (CMS), customization features, and a few more tools help you to run the website smoothly and successfully. 

WordPress (WP) has become a very successful and powerful website builder and CMS over the years, while it was first launched as a simple blogging tool. It has emerged so well that any website can be developed using WP, whether it is for a small, medium, or a large business. 

At present, around 30% of the websites around the world are powered by WP, which is a huge percentage. 

In this article, we’ll mention the main reasons behind WP's success as the world's no. 1 CMS and website builder. 

WordPress Is Free and Open-Source

One of the most important reasons behind WP being so popular is it's an open-source CMS that requires no charge. Being an open-source content management system, WP provides some unique features that anyone can use without paying for it. These privileges can be used for the long term as well with paying very less charge that won't be a matter to worry. This is the main reason why are the small and medium business organizations are choosing WP over the other customized HTML websites to make their business digital & online. 

WordPress is very suitable for the SME's, especially for startups since it's reasonable and user friendly. Anyone without having much knowledge of web design can use WP to create a website. 

WordPress Is a Universal Platform

Millions of websites are powered by WordPress all around the world. It is considered as one of the most popular universal platforms that provide a standard dashboard that can be used easily and effectively by any user. One can realize its functionalities easily, and it provides useful tools, plugins, and a bunch of themes that are easy to use to build impressive websites.  

With it, you can build something as simple as presentation websites or portfolios, but you can also create online communities or complicated platforms where users can book hotels, meetings, or fitness appointments. And all that with a plugin to handle the functionality and a theme to make the site look good. 

Built-in SEO boosts 

Most of the visitors at a site come from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Thousands of visitors arranged by these search engines according to the ranking of the websites. If your site ranks on the first page of the search engines, the more likely to get more traffic. 

In order to rank sites, search engines set some predefined parameters. WordPress can manage those parameters nicely to rank your site on the first page of the search result. WordPress has a built-in feature of on-page optimization, which provides the benefits of SEO.  There are also a lot of SEO plugins to help you with that. 

Provides Greater Accessibility


WordPress helps to build up very responsive websites across numerous platforms, which might be another major reason behind it being the best CMS. 

Open-source server software is used by WP, which can easily be installed on either a Windows or Linux server. It also uses HTML, CSSS, and PHP, to design the webpages that make the site responsive to all browsers as well as in any mobile devices, including androids & iPhones.  

Speed and Efficiency

In terms of speed and efficiency, WordPress is the best platform to create a website. It takes less than five minutes to install the software, and a single day is enough to develop a website if the relevant contents & images are available. 

Optimizing WordPress is comparatively flexible than the other CMS, which helps to run the site quite efficiently. Also, you can customize the site as per expectation since it is highly adaptable. 

Flexible Customization 

There are thousands of themes and plugins available at WP that make it easier to customize the webpages. 

Because of this advantage, many people started using WP to design their business websites without having any knowledge of programming and web designing. 

Currently, there are over tens of thousands of plugins in the official WordPress directory and more than 7400 plugins on CodeCanyon, which are available to make your site to perform efficiently.  

Simple and Convenient 

WordPress is simple and convenient for users to work with. It might be a little challenging at the first attempt, yet gets easier in time. You don't need to invest much money and can easily promote your business through WordPress websites. Everything you require you can access and edit through the WordPress CMS. If anything gets difficult, plugins are there to help you. 

And if you want to create a blog to monetize it, there are multiple options to use. For example, you can use AdSense or WordAds and set them up with a free plugin. Or you can choose to use the Amazon affiliate program, again through a plugin. And these are just a few of the more popular ones. There are countless other options to use. 

User Friendly 

WordPress is very user friendly; one can easily manage and maintain websites using the WordPress CMS. It can be used right after the installation, and it's not compulsory to have any web designing or programming knowledge.   

Safe and Secure

Millions of websites have been created using WordPress. Still, it provides the best security comparing to other CMS. 

Like other CMS options out there, there is also the possibility of harming the security of WordPress by exploiting the loopholes by hackers, WordPress releases regular security update to overcome security issues, which will certainly safeguard your site from all types of security threats.  

Multi-User Capability

Multiple users are required to maintain and keep up-to-date the websites of the larger companies. WordPress offers the privileges of multi-user capability so that you can set different responsibilities for different individuals within your organization to run the website efficiently. 

There are six default user roles available in WordPress - Administrator, Contributor, Author, Editor, developer, and subscriber, which enable you to set the boundary for the users about what they can or can't do. 


If you see the recent statistics on the use of WP, you will understand how widely WP is being used by peoples around the world. 

Around 35% of the total websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, it holds around 50-60% market share of global CMS market, which is way huge from that of Drupal (17%) and Joomla (6.4%), and 14.7% of the top 100 websites are powered by WP (Karol, 2020). 

These statistics show how much people have started relying on WP for maintaining their websites. Moreover, WP is based on a sophisticated platform that uses HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL, which strictly follow the international coding standards set by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 

Responsive to Mobile Device

There are many WordPress themes and plugins that can help you to create responsive sites for any devices. Moreover, you don't need to do any extra programming to make the site responsive, just utilize the themes and plugins. 

There are also lots of themes out there for various purposes and even if you’re not a web designer, you can end up having a great looking website with a nice layout. 

It helps the users and search engines to access the sites easily on any device with greater user experience. Search engines like Google emphasized responsiveness in the mobile device to rank your site, with WordPress, it can be done efficiently. 

Design Flexibility

Design flexibility is another important feature offers by WordPress. If you don't want to stick to a single design layout at your website, you can easily use several design layouts throughout the site through WordPress, since it permits multi-designed combination. 

WordPress Offers Unparalleled Support

Developing a website is a mammoth task, even using a spontaneous CMS like WordPress, especially when you are new to the term. Luckily, there is a big and robust community of WordPress, which is always there for you to help with any types of issues while designing your site. 

If you face any problem or any confusion arises on your mind, just google it, and you will find the community has already made a solution to it. 

Handling Multimedia

WordPress not only deals with texts, but also with different media like images, graphics, audio, and video files. WordPress supports embedding YouTube videos, Instagram photos, FB posts, and SoundCloud audios. You can just put the URL in the WP post editor and embed any media files on your site. 


WP themes provide several widget areas on your site, which can be used for customizing the site layout easily. Usually, the sidebar, header, or footer areas are the widget area that can be used.  

WordPress has been in action since 2003, and not a single minute has been wasted by it. They have emerged as a pro and now is the giant in the CMS market. It can be concluded that its flexibility, adaptability, professional features, user-oriented plugins, and providing an open-source platform to create websites have made it the market leader. 

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