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Written by Kevin Liew on 18 Jun 2020
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2020 isn’t likely to be a year that most of us will look back upon too fondly. We need to take advantage of bright spots as they appear, no matter the subject or topic. For web designers, graphic designers, and other creative types, gaining access to a tool or resource that holds the promise of being a game changer can be a bright spot in their workaday world, and one they may want to take full advantage of.

There’s no shortage of “bright spots” in the web design tool marketplace. The problem is that there are so many tools out there it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. And, if you’re not quite sure what to look for, it’s even harder.

To help you, we’ve put together this group of tools that have created many bright spots for us in the past.

1. BeTheme

There are several premium WordPress themes that could definitely create bright spots in your workaday world and BeTheme is one of the brightest.

You might think the reason for this is that BeTheme happens to be the biggest theme of them all, but the truth is, the reason for Be’s popularity lies in its 40+ core features which, taken together, make it a genuine game-changer.

  • Be’s Muffin Builder drag and drop editor and Admin Panel give designers a powerful one-two punch
  • The Layout and Shortcode generators, Be’s shortcode library, and a wealth of design elements and options guarantee you’ll never have to touch a line of code.
  • Want to start from scratch? Take advantage of the Layout Generator and a host of grid and header options.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, check out the library of 500+ customizable pre-built websites.

  • They cover most industry sectors and business niches
  • They are modern, attractive, responsive and feature basic UX functions

Click on the banner to learn more about BeTheme.

2. Total WordPress Theme

Use Total to boost web design flexibility and extensibility.The Total WordPress theme includes many noteworthy features to satisfy your website building needs. This includes an easy to use front-end page builder, as well as plenty of advanced hooks, filters and snippets for developers.

Total helps you build responsive, flexible, and customizable websites. It’s easy to create pages that your site visitors can enjoy on any device.

  • 100+ building block modules, with more to come, make it a cinch to create amazing layouts (everything is drag and drop of course).
  • 40+ single-click importable demos, 500+ styling options, and a host of code snippets give you all the flexibility you need
  • Total is speed optimized, translation ready, super SEO friendly, and well documented.

Click on the banner to learn more.

3. Gimp

GIMP is used by web designers, photographers, graphic designers, and others to create icons and design elements and manipulate images.

  • One of its bright spots of this cross-platform is it’s open source, giving it virtually unlimited extensibility.
  • Another is, it’s free.
  • Also, GIMP gives its users a complete toolset for high-quality photo manipulation.

Click on the banner to check GIMP out.

4. Mobirise Website Builder

This is a small to medium website builder and a creator of portfolios and landing pages. Mobirise is an offline app, it’s free, and it requires no coding to use.

  • Mobirise users have ready access to its library of 3,500+ themes, building blocks, and templates
  • Mobirise supports prototyping and is ideal for those who prefer to work visually
  • Mobirise is based on Google AMP/Bootstrap 4, so your sites will be crazy-fast and 100% responsive

Click to learn more.

5. LayerSlider

LayerSlider has been around for nearly a decade, during which it has acquired a well-deserved reputation of being a premium slider creating tool.

  • LayerSlider is not just for sliders. It’s a multi-purpose tool for creating beautiful animations or even a complete website.
  • LayerSlider’s popup feature provides unique ways to increase a site’s conversion rates.
  • The wealth of templates serves advanced designers and beginners alike.

Click on the banner. There’s more to see. 

6. Uncode Theme

Uncode has been a bright spot for 70.000+ purchasers that have made it an ThemeForest best seller. There are too many features to highlight here, but there are several things you should know.

  • Uncode is ideal for agencies and creative types and builders of magazine and portfolio websites
  • The package includes pixel-perfect Concepts, a host of templates, and a Frontend Editor on steroids
  • 400+ Wireframes section templates.

Click to learn more.

7. Savah App

The Savah App is a team productivity booster. It allows team members to quickly convert design ideas in to prototypes while fostering project communication and collaboration.

  • Multiple projects can be managed from a single platform
  • Savah’s free-forever plan includes unlimited projects along with password protection
  • Savah integrates smoothly with Google Drive, Dropbox, SketchApps, and more

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8. XStore | Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Is building an online store in your plans? Choose XStore and you’ll be halfway there before you even start. The reasons?

  • 90 ready-to-go shops
  • The super-cool single product page builder
  • A host of premium plugins ($400 worth)
  • Off-canvas layouts for the cart, wishlist, product quick view and shop filters, and a whole lot more

Check this bright spot out by clicking on the banner.

9. Stockfresh

Confronted with millions of photos and images would seemingly require taking a deep breath before taking a deep dive into them, without any assurance you would find anything close to what you need. Not so with Stockfresh, where you’re presented with –

  • Millions of photos and images
  • An organized, easy to navigate selection process
  • Only the best available images, all of which are royalty free
  • Affordable prices and even more affordable subscription plans.

Give Stockfresh a closer look.

10. Whatfontis

This is without a doubt the best font identifier on the market in terms of quickness, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. There are three simple steps involved when using WhatFontIs.

  1. Upload a sample of the font you wish to identify
  2. The WhatFontIs advanced AI system will either identify the font or provide up to 60 close matches in seconds
  3. WhatFontIs will tell you where you can upload or purchase your new font 

Click for details.

11. Heroic Table of Contents

One way to entice your visitors to read an article you’ve published is to give them a heads-up as to what to expect by providing a table of contents.

A Heroic Table of Contents

  • Helps you structure your article better
  • provides anchor links to take your readers directly to a section or topic of interest
  • makes content more valuable, boosting your SEO and improving your rankings

Click to learn more about this useful tool.

12. Rank Math SEO

Whether you need a little or a lot of help making your sites more search engine friendly, Rank Math SEO helps make the process as easy as can be.

Rank Math SEO offers

  • A wide variety of SEO options
  • A Content Analysis tool to help you produce SEO-friendly content
  • Image SEO optimization
  • Schema options and import from SEO plugins

Learn more about Rank Math SEO by clicking on the banner.

13. 8b Website Builder

8b is fresh, futuristic, and packed with all the right features and website-building tools.

  • This website builder guarantees your site will be super-fast and 100% mobile-friendly
  • it guarantees quick Google ranking – it just takes a single click
  • 18 starter templates, 250+ website sections, and ease of use guarantee a quick start

Plus, you can create your websites on any device and the 8b website builder is free.

Click to learn more about what 8b has to offer.

14. Paymo

Task management, time tracking, and invoicing are all too often done manually or on separate platforms. Paymo manages everything on a single platform, including online payments.

  • Workflow management is transparent
  • Scheduling workloads and days off in a common resource calendar has never been easier
  • Customized invoices can be created from timesheets with a single click

Paymo also integrates natively with the tools you already use, like Adobe, Slack, Typeform, Xero, and QuickBooks - to name a few.

Click to find out more about how to work better, wherever you are.

15. Goodiewebsite

Goodiewebsite is a platform dedicated to connect web designers and agencies directly with developers.

  • 15 years of service guarantee quality work
  • Design to code conversion is done by Goodie professionals and not by contracted freelancers
  • Goodie is best for robust WordPress websites and email template development

Click to find out more about what Goodiewebsite could do for you.

The opportunity to build a website, whether for yourself or for a client is in itself a bright spot. So is the occasional experience of coming across a tool or resource that could prove to be a game-changer for your business or for the quality of the work you do. One or more of the tools presented here will hopefully give you the extra competitive edge you’re always on the lookout for.

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