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Written by Kevin Liew on 10 Sep 2019
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There are some instances where a specialty WordPress theme may serve you best. But generally speaking a multipurpose theme can give you everything you ask of it and more. The top-rated ones, like the 7 described in this article, are noted for their flexibility and ease of use. In some cases, their extendibility as well. Performance is never an issue either.

It admittedly can take some searching to find a multipurpose theme that doesn’t place limitations of one kind or another on what you can do. Finding one that best suits your needs can take time. It also can involve a certain amount of testing or trial and error when there are more important things to be done.

It’s so much easier to set aside a few minutes to browse through the themes presented here. You can’t make a bad choice, but you might want to choose to spend a little extra time to find what’s best.

Happy shopping!

1. Hello Theme

Hello Theme

Although any WordPress theme can be used with Elementor’s open source website building tool, and since Elementor is both flexible and extendible, it’s not all that difficult to create an attractive, sales-generating website.

That’s admittedly good news, but if you really want a website worth bragging about, we suggest you pair Elementor with Hello. Hello is the fastest and lightest theme ever created since there’s no extraneous code to slow things down. It’s also a theme without boundaries, it’s SEO friendly, and there’s a special reason for selecting it for use with Elementor.

Every time a new version of Elementor is to be released, the bulk of the testing done on that version is done using Hello. As a result, Hello is always 100% compatible with Elementor. Better yet, Hello is completely compatible with every WordPress plugin. When you invest in Hello you don’t have to worry about inheriting limitations, constraints, or other baggage some themes carry with them.

2. Be Theme

Be Theme

We don’t necessarily look for the biggest theme out there when we’re looking for the best. In the world of WordPress themes size doesn’t always matter.

There are always exceptions of course, and Be Theme, the biggest multipurpose WordPress theme of them all is one of them. The Be Theme package consists of more than 40 powerful core features, ranging from website building tools to design aids and options, shortcodes, and special effects. The highlight is the library of 450+ professionally crafted and customizable pre-built websites. They cover more than 30 industry and business sectors and niches and all the common website styles and types. 

Aside from providing an excellent starting point for any project, these pre-built websites have basic UX and UI functionality built in; saving you a ton of time and effort. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly able to create a reasonably complex website in 4 hours or so.

3. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

While TheGem may be your best bet for building a portfolio website, it’s massive array of website-building tools, design elements, and design aids (200+ website styles and 50 content elements) makes it a multipurpose theme in all respects.

TheGem was created for online businesses, agencies, artists, and creative entrepreneurs. It’s a software equivalent of the Swiss Army knife.

As powerful as this multipurpose WordPress theme is, you don’t have to understand the finer points of web design or keep up with the latest design trends. Nor do you ever have to worry about coding. If being able to maintain a smoothly functioning workflow appeals to you TheGem should be a perfect fit, plus the websites you create will be fast, responsive, attractive, and user friendly.

4. Bridge


To say this Qode Interactive’s multipurpose theme is popular is an understatement. It’s ThemeForest’s top seller and currently boasts a 110,000 strong user base. Bridge provides its users with a wealth of design tools and options including 376+ prebuilt websites accompanied by a host of plugins, modules, and design elements.

Bridge’s open ended customizability guarantees that if you can think of it, you can build it. Bridge is easy to use but if there’s a problem you can count on 5-star support.

5. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode is stocked with every feature and design aid your likely to need and it’s designed to give you total control over your site content and layouts. The best way to discover what makes this multipurpose theme a great choice is to visit the website and browse the library of user-created websites

 Do that, and you’ll understand why sales have passed the 55,000 mark and why Uncode is now one of ThemeForest’s all-time top-selling themes.

6. Pofo – A Multipurpose Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

Pofo – A Multipurpose Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

Pofo is an ideal multipurpose theme for portfolio, services, blog, and eCommerce sites, and much more. The package includes a free selection of bundled plugins including WPBakery and Revolution Slider, and several hundred ready home pages, ready demo pages and pre-built elements.

The demo data or your own demos can be imported with a single click, there’s ample detailed documentation, and the customer support you can expect has received excellent reviews.

7. Movedo WP Theme – We DO MOVE Your World

Movedo WP Theme – We DO MOVE Your World

MOVEDO is not your typical multipurpose theme. Not even close! Created with awesomeness in mind, MOVEDO is modern, super flexible, features squeaky clean code, and offers some amazing and enchanting special effects. If you’ve been suffering from a case of website design sameness here’s your opportunity to break free, and have some fun doing so.

A hint: It’s not hard to engage visitors when you’re able to make static images appear to move about or spice up content with moldable typography.


Multipurpose themes are always among WordPress theme best-sellers for a good reason. They provide the flexibility users need to build virtually any type of website and do so with relative ease.

Most of these multipurpose themes also feature a generous array of ready-to-go customizable pre-built websites or templates to work with. The message: You can usually create precisely the design you want without having to invest in a specialty theme.

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