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Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Sep 2016
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Technology is, of course, one of the most appreciated inventions nowadays. So, in a world of a lot of designers and developers, we have thought about some really useful resources that will help both categories, even if they do website building, graphic designing or simply need some help for their projects. Feel free to try them and tell us what you think!

On Codester you will find everything a developer needs to fasten the development process of his latest app or website. This is an online market with a bunch of assets that both designers and developers can buy and sell. On the one side, you have the pleasure of growing up your efficiency to one of a professional with top code, on the other side; you can have an additional passive income. The product range is quite large and is represented by five main categories: scripts (written in everything from server-side PHP to client-side JavaScript, along with Python, Java or C), themes and plugins for web development (in HTML5 or ten other well-known platforms like WordPress and Magento), application source codes (for iOS, Android, Unity or others) and graphic items like mockups for product selling, icon packs, exclusive logos and even user interfaces. Your store (if you decide to open one) is not bound by illogical restrictions like a minimum number of sales to get your revenue. You'll get a 70% commission on each purchase and the money will be transferred to you monthly through wire transfer or PayPal payment. And you can keep selling those items that you have uploaded on your own website, so this is just another opportunity. The submissions are evaluated quickly so you'll have nothing to worry about. With all of these features Codester is one of the top markets and you should join them right now by signing up for a free account!


DesignBombs is a great resource for designers, you can find guides, tutorials, and all things related to web design. The site is not limited to designers, you can also find useful tutorials to help you get most out of WordPress. They have also done comparison of popular plugins such as Membership plugins, landing page plugins, etc. 

There's also an exclusive deals section, where you can find hosting & WordPress related deals.

By using Visme, you get the chance to transform your thoughts and ideas into beautiful visual content right in your browser. It allows you to create presentations, infographics and banner ads, even if you have no design experience, thanks to their many great templates and editing options.

When you first sign into Visme, you’ll be presented with your dashboard and from here you can get started by creating a new project or by editing a past project you’ve been working on. You can also choose to start creating from a blank canvas. Next, you are given a lot of high quality assets to bring your stories and data to life. For instance, you can add shapes, images, icons, videos, charts, graphs, audio and even insert 3rd party content! Regarding the backgrounds, you have a big range of presets, or you can just upload a image you desire. The best part? You can change what you want, when you want. Lastly, you can publish your work and share it everywhere as URL, on social media, embed to a site, or download for offline use. Feel free to try it out!

PSD2HTML®, as their name says, is an online service (probably the best of this kind) that helps you turn your PSD design into HTML and its options. So, if you are more likely to be a creative spirit that enjoys making designs, rather than coding, PSD2HTML is for you! They will provide you with all the help needed to transform your dream design into a real, professional and functional website.

Besides the front-end development, PSD2HTML® can also offer CMS-based website development with a main focus on WordPress, while their expertise includes Magento, Drupal, Joomla! and Shopify as well. From small blogging solutions to large-budget enterprise-sized implementations, they have worked on over 100,700 projects. In addition, you can also give them an email design and receive it coded the next day! Why would you do that? Not only do they have a lot of experience when it comes to this, but the quality is very high, giving a content-flexible, compact and commented code. That’s not all, but for further information we recommend checking their site out!

Simbla’s online database builder, that you can find out more about here: Online database, has its foundation on Parse permission model, so it includes a “role” model known as a group of permissions.  The main advantage is the full control over your users’ behavior that you gain.  Not only is it based on Parse permission, but it also has Parse sever which offers to developers a various JavaScript library which comes in handy if you are looking for flexibility and the chance to create websites applications via JavaScript. With Simbla you have nothing to worry about because it is a fully secured website, having many security features like enhanced permission model, pages for users only, SSL, HTML encoding data and secured servers.

Have you heard about Themify Icons? It’s a set of icons for use in web design and apps, consisting of 320+ pixel-perfect available to the public for free. If you’re a web designers and developer then this is a tool you must have. Icon front version: used by designers & developers for design mockups, print and web projects and Word press plugin version :Used with any WordPress theme to add Themify icons in menu links, content, and widget title

HotGloo is a wireframing and prototyping tool but it offers so much more than just the creation of a visual prototype. You can wireframe, review and test your prototypes along with your team and share it with your clients by using share links or export everything to HTML. The whole process is so smooth, and the resources library so extended that you will finish your work in almost no time. The tool lives and breathes UX. Try yourself!

Droplr is the secret item that makes teamwork both productive and enjoyable. By its unique way of communication using visuals, like screenshots, screen recordings, GIFs and many more, work gets done faster and better. Projects get easily improved, as notes are made instantly within the app, and everything is organized in collections and managed with care. It is supported on many platforms as well, which makes it fit in any environment.

Build your online snippets at Codepad and you will have a great experience. They offer you the ability of saving every past code with version control, so you will be in charge. You will be able to set the privacy of your snoppets and collaborate with other developers on that 'not working CSS style'. By the way, if your lines attract attention, you might even get a job offer right on your email. Codepad has been built for your best use. Take a look now!

One of the most important part in having a website is the understanding of what it does, how it functions and how can be improved. Host-Tracker is a great website monitoring platform that will detect problems with your website, send you alarms about them and provide you with many useful tools that will help you be updated with the latest activities and status. You are given a 24/7 monitoring, thanks to their very dedicated team!

Work gets done a lot faster when splitting it, with each member of the team having different tasks to complete. Redbooth helps you keep in touch with your colleagues, while making it visible how much each of them has contributed to the evolution of the project. Transparency is really important in teamwork, and being updated with each other’s progress can be really constructive and beneficial to the overall process.

One word to describe Invoice Ninja is security. It keeps all of you and your clients’ data concerning credit cards and bank transfers stored only safe and password protected. It is quite a deal, considering keeping everything one click away can be dangerous, if not guarded with caution. It’s privacy and protection that contribute to a successful company, and Invoice Ninja is qualified for both.

When you are starting a new blog you’re probably looking for a free, clean, modern flat design theme. Stop searching; Sparkling theme from Colorlib is exactly what you need. It has a perfect pixel design, awesome widgets and full-screen slider. Also an infinite scroll and awesome plugin support including Bootstrap components. Another advantage would be its outstanding support and fairly detailed documentation making everything easier for you along the way.


wpDataTables works with any Word Press theme and it gives you the chance to create a responsive table or chart in Word Press in a matter of minutes, even if you have no coding experience! Its front-end editor is intuitive and it works inline and there are a lot of useful features for the $35 price tag, making wpDataTables an easy plugin to recommend for anyone wanting to use tables and charts and manage data within Word Press.

Are you looking for an innovative web development agency? Then stop searching and give xfive the chance to surprise you. Its tools, such as XH Generator which supports modern development workflows such as CSS preprocessors or Grunt tasks will give your project the innovation you aimed for. They had thousands of satisfied clients and you can be the next one of them. Check it out!

And to add more fun to our 14 excellent resources, we're presenting a new, fun developer jokes comic by Browserling:

Are programming jokes something you crave for? Then you should check the new programmer comic by Browserling - an awesome cross-browser testing service. It's a series of developer jokes every coder should see at least once in his life. They’re funny and smart. In a geeky way. You will fall in love with their cartoons as you browse the series. They make fun of IE and have a real-life CSS puns collection. Have a look right now at New jokes every week!

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to becoming a proficient designer or developer! Thanks to the aforementioned online platforms, you can considerably improve your skills at work, making it more productive, attractive and even original. Looking forward to hearing your comments about your experiences with trying out these tools.

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