Everything You Need to Know About WordPress

Written by Kevin Liew on 15 Jul 2019
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WordPress is the king of the internet. In fact, it’s the CMS (Content Management System) behind over a third of all sites on the Web. That puts it well ahead of its CMS competition in terms of popularity. The runner ups - Joomla and Drupal - don’t come anywhere near that amount of usage.

One of the main factors why this CMS is so widespread is that it’s incredibly easy to use. It makes full use of Drag and Drop technology, which enables you to simply and intuitively create, delete, or edit any object on your website. It takes a WordPress newbie only a few hours to become proficient at creating a fully functioning website. In addition, it has great interaction with its user base because its tech-savvy fans can modify the program’s source code and create useful addons for everyone to use.

With all of that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that WordPress has become a web building phenomenon. It has a massive, unique, devoted community that celebrates its existence in a variety of fascinating ways. Given the fact that it’s so widely used by such a large number of people, there’s a lot of interesting things to learn about it. And this infographic, created by HostingTribunal, certainly proves that. It does an excellent point of illustrating, point by point, just how important WordPress is to the online world.

WordPress infographic
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