Best Website Design Tips for Apartment Communities

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Mar 2018
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Finding the perfect apartment community is not always an easy decision. Individuals want to find a community that offers inviting floor plans, luxurious amenities, and a convenient location. Most importantly, they want to find an apartment that will feel like home.

During the apartment hunt, the initial step for many individuals will be to check out several different communities online. Since this will be the first impression for most of your potential tenants, you must incorporate the necessary elements to give people what they are looking for and show off the best features of your community. To help get you started, following are a few of the top web design tips for apartment communities.

1. Incorporate a Responsive Design

So long are the days of having to sit down at a desktop computer every time we want to look up something online. In fact, most people will first turn to their phones when they want to search for a new apartment. This means that implementing a responsive design is imperative for your apartment community. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices, tablets, and desktops so that anyone and everyone can access your website in a way that is easy for them to get the information they need. If potential tenants have a hard time viewing or navigating your website from their phones, they may quickly move on to the next place.

2. Include Plenty of Images

People are coming to your website because they want to see what your community looks like and has to offer, so you need to include plenty of images to showcase all of your features. In a situation like this, you should include as many images as possible. You want your potential tenants to see the carefully planned details that have been incorporated in your apartments and the fantastic amenities that are available. Don’t forget to include photos of the neighborhood as well. You want potential tenants to see all the dining, shopping, entertainment, and convenience options they will have nearby.

3. Offer 3D Floor Plans

To truly allow your potential tenants to visualize themselves in your apartment community, you should consider incorporating 3D floor plans into your website as well. Instead of simply describing what each floor plan offers, this will enable them to get a realistic view of the apartment options and see how they would be able to live in the space.

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