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Written by Kevin Liew on 08 Jan 2018
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Data is precious, especially in today’s world where so much information can be stored on just our mobile phones. This is why we have to be extra careful when it comes to data management. We can lose important data in several ways- theft, virus attack or in the process of switching device.

The solution

Recognizing this problem, software company imobie created AnyTrans, an all-powerful Android manager who takes complete control of your Android mobile content and helps in all from data management to cross-device transfer. With AnyTrans, it makes moving essentials across device a seamless, secure and speedy procedure. Whether it’s your phone contacts, photos, music or even everyday applications, you have everything available to pick up- whether it’s an old Android phone or an iPhone.

AnyTrans facilitates the transfer of files between almost every Android device, breaking the restriction of brands, models or Android versions. It also facilitates the transfer of files between iOS and Android systems, making the switch insanely easy, with just one click. No worries about compatibility, all your data from your iPhone will automatically be converted to Android supported formats.

In addition to facilitating file transfer, AnyTrans gives instant access to millions of videos and music from over 900 sites whenever and wherever you are. It allows you download movies, TV shows, videos and songs of your choice. To download any file, all you need do is copy the URL of the said file, and AnyTrans URL handles the rest. It instantly detects videos within every link and instantly downloads them, and if for any reason the download stops, AnyTrans can resume interrupted downloads.

With tons of applications on your phone, it is sometimes difficult managing these applications, but with AnyTrans, you are free of this stress. AnyTrans lists all your apps clearly so you can check and manage them comfortably. Whether you want to install, uninstall or transfer apps across devices, it only takes a couple of clicks. AnyTrans provides unlimited coverage to all apps, whether it’s a game, music, photo editor or a note-taking app, AnyTrans takes care of it.

Supported file types for AnyTrans on Android include contacts, messages, call log, calendar, books, apps, music, ringtones, photo library and movies. While iOS file types include music, audiobooks, movies, home videos,  music videos, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U,  Camera Roll, Photo Video, Photo Library, books, contacts, contacts, messages, call history and calendar.

AnyTrans for Android is a desktop-based application, so you first install and launch on your computer. After which you connect your iOS or Android device after you have successfully installed it. After that, you will see the main interface where you will see a ‘+’ sign which on clicking will display AnyTrans for Android in full screen as you require. Check the various function icons to select the function you require.

AnyTrans is your almighty manager for your entire mobile life and allows you manage your mobile content across any device. It’s a wonderful application, easy to use and a must-have for any Android device.


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