How to Use a POS System for Restaurants

Written by Kevin Liew on 02 Dec 2017
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POS system is an essential component of each restaurant business. It's come quite a distance from massive stationary cash registers to a mobile phone system.

Today cloud POS process for restaurants has more benefits as a result of the performance provided by the system's suppliers. Though it is crucial that you know all of the possibilities that may be given to the business of yours. Cloud automation device is similar to an entire team of experts working behind the scenes and also ensuring that everything goes according to plan, efficiently and quickly.

These days each entrepreneur has the capability to monitor income, manage bookkeeping, catalog and also monitor various other business processes with a dependable POS system, and that is significantly simpler, faster and easier.

Let’s take a closer look at the main functions of restaurant POS systems.

High level of data security

You are able to arrange the selective access to the control system. For instance, the accountant of yours might view the financial information he requires for accounts, but editing the menu, common system options, along with different tasks will not be for sale to him. This boosts the confidentiality of your company information. Every waiter, barista or maybe barman must have his PIN code to go into the application. You choose which of them is going to have the ability to access economic operations, closing shifts, and so on. Also with the cloud process, the information of yours will always be safe over the remote server.

Fast order taking

Most of the restaurant POS software for Android support devices like tablets and laptops, so the speed of orders processing significantly increased. The waiter is able to have the purchase on a monoblock or a tablet and instantly mail tickets to the printer in the home. In this particular situation, the order is going to be instantly recognized for work and the customer will receive the dish of his faster. Some automation devices have the performance of transferring info straight to a big monitor, TV or maybe a tablet positioned in the kitchen. The software works on every Android device, for instance over a console with output to a big TV or even printer.

Orders are prepared even faster, waiters get a notification that dish is ready, customers are satisfied and the owner gets more profit.

Staff control

POS system enables you to regulate the job of the staff members of yours. The device tracks when the waiter has opened and closed the change of his and also displays all of the cash transactions which have been performed during the job of his. You are able to see the data of every employee by common check, the morning of the week or maybe the period of the morning.

Creating a menu

POS structure enables you to keep monitor of ingredients, create meals and also split them into convenient categories. You are able to include the processing techniques for each element, then the net and gross pounds is calculated immediately. The chef of your cafe or maybe restaurant can once create a menu, along with other staff members will refer to the manual. For waiters is quite handy, when the menu is split into groups and all of them has its very own image and color. For instance, rather than scrolling through the menu looking for lemonade, the waiter is able to navigate to the section cool drinks & rapidly get the placement he/she was searching for.

Financial management

After applying POS system to the company of yours, you'll permanently be conscious of any aspect of the funds of yours. You are going to have complete control over the incomes & expenses of the cafe, cash register information, collection and even more. So that you will not shed a single dollar. The particular data: revenue, the quantity of checks, the typical check associated with a particular dish, or client, waiter, category, are obtainable in the period that is real in the management system.


Listing is a "must have" feature to avoid theft in the joints. Long tables in Excel are in previous times. POS process inside a handy form displays info about deliveries, expenses, write-offs, and balances for the listing period. In case your cafe has a few storages, you are able to make an inventory only because of the storage you chose. In case the real information differs from the balance calculated by the system, you are going to see the distinction between amount and also in cash. By creating notifications for vital stock leftovers which may come to you by email, you will never miss the order in a brand new source, and the home of yours won't be idle.

All these particular features are going to be extremely helpful for the company of yours, but only a few vendors are able to provide you a complete list. Attempt to locate the POS system which is going to provide you with the entire range to create your restaurant even more successful. We really hope this information has developed the knowledge of yours in restaurant POS system and then helped to create a right decision for the business of yours!

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