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Written by Kevin Liew on 14 Jul 2013
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The days of googling images and struggling for copyrights are fading from memory already with the rise of services like Depositphotos. The need of somebody gathering pictures and dealing with the copyrights and then redistributing them at nominal fees was long since felt, but nobody really knew how to dot the I. Whether you're a webmaster, a blogger or simply an advertiser, your source of powerful, original and protected images is no longer a cause of stress.



An image is worth a thousand words. We all know it and we all say it. And just because it's a cliche doesn't mean it's less true. That is why Depositphotos keeps gathering the best images from over 200,000 professional photographers. Their database counts over 12 million high quality photos. The pictures have a variation wide enough to please the most pretentious of customers, from vector images to cartoon-like pictures and real life high resolution photos depicting all desirable instances of the most varied domains: architecture, nature, social, IT, fashion, sport, even conceptual and abstract images.



User friendly interface keeps the service accessible. The site is simple yet very catchy and colorful, and effective in terms of getting you quick to what you need. With a free account you can see all the photo database. To use hem, you need to choose a package. Before this becoming a setback, know that the prices are almost insignificant. They offer three packages: a fixated amount of maximum 200 downloads per day, with prices varying according to the time period you choose: basic plan (one month), standard plan (three months), advanced plan (six months), advanced plus plan (one year). Prices for these packages vary between $69 and $11000. Then there is the pay as you download option, in which case you simply pick the images you need and pay for each one. Finally, the special custom plan which can be discussed with them directly.



Their image business doesn't resume to pictures, though. A wide variety of stock videos are available, and they are rapidly expanding the numbers. It goes without saying that the quality is matching our spoiled HD standards.

A professional customer support team is available for chat and phone 24/7 to answer all the questions their FAQ couldn't answer.

All in all, Depositphotos is an optimal choice for this type of service, more and more in the visor of web designers and bloggers. The quality and the prices make it a well balanced, reliable and lasting service, especially with the video portfolio expanding quickly.

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