Add Search, Sort, Filters Easily with List.js

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Apr 2016
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It's always good to have simple search, sort and filters available to a large table of data. It simply makes the list much more easy to read and allow users to find the data they want quickly by eliminate unwanted data.

Imagine this - you have a large amount of job vacancy data such as manufacturing jobs, with the implementation of list.js, one could easily filter through the list do not need to march for jobs!

Here we have List.js to help you to implement those features. List.js a great library for adding search, sort, filters and flexisbility to tables, lists and various HTML elements. It will work great with existing HTML.

Here we have a quick example with search:


  • No dependencies
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Can handle thousands of items without hiccups
  • Works both lists, tables and almost anything else. E.g. <div>,<ul>,<table>, etc.
  • Search, Sort, Filter,
  • Simple templating system that adds possibility to add, edit, remove items
  • Support plugins
  • Support for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE6+


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