Here Are Free Web Development Tools You Shouldn’t Go Without

Written by Swati Gole on 19 Mar 2016
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As a designer, we all know the diversity of resources that are required to accomplish a simple design project. So rather than gathering all the resources and tools when a client approaches, it’s better to brace yourself from the get go and start gathering valuable design items whenever possible.

DealFuel is one such site that categorizes and lists different website designing resources. You can subscribe to their newsletter and get yourself updated with the latest design trends that others are following or to get the latest discounts. In this article, we would be talking about the usefulness of some of the best free resources that have been provided by them. We would also encompass how you as a designer can be benefited from them and how these would fit into your current project.

Sentio WordPress theme

If you are creating a WordPress blog, the Sentio theme is one that is highly recommended. The theme helps to segregate between different types of content, be it text, images or video and gives your blog a fresh outlook. Also, the blog has a clean, sharp and minimalistic design, thus helping you stay ahead of the curve. The theme allows you to showcase different post categories and has social media support. The product license also allows you to use the theme for personal or commercial purposes.

Free custom login screen

Login page is a mandatory page for almost every website that requires authentication and authorization. But generally we pay heed to its functional aspect and completely neglect its aesthetic quotient. Given the cut-throat competition among various websites and competitors, us designers must pay heed to every minute detail. Using the custom login screen plugin, you can create an elegant login screen specific for your website. Some of the features provided by the plugin that are worth mentioning are:

  • You can apply your company’s logo on the login page.
  • Be it special background or color, you can implement it all.
  • The plugin provides you the freedom to change every aspect of the login screen according to your needs.
  • The plugin can be instantly downloaded and doesn’t require any prior coding expertise.

Given the special features provided by the plugin, it definitely deserves your attention.

Vintage typefaces by Bernier

Are you looking for some typefaces, which are bit different? Do you want your website to stand out from your competitors? Well, one of the many ways to accomplish this is by using typefaces. This collection of vintage typefaces created by Bernier allows you to create content, style headers and fabricate logos. It has old school typography comes in three different styles,

  • Regular
  • Distressed
  • Shade

This typeface can be used on different websites and used for personal projects as well. Implementing the typeface is easy, and it positively impacts the overall aesthetics of your website. So download the typeface and give a new look, that your website deserves.

Android Login screen designs

With over 60% of internet traffic coming from mobile users, the emphasis on improving the usability of mobile devices has become crucial. And given Android devices are one of the major mobile platforms, we as designers must focus on Android specific designs as well. This resource consists of some login interface designs meant exclusively for Android Lollipop users. The layered Photoshop design will provide you access to different elements within the login page and will give you the freedom to edit them according to your needs and requirements. These designs come with captivating backgrounds and attractive color mixtures. Once you download, the design PSDs will be provided to you in a zip file, and you can use them according to your will or personal or commercial usage.

Design resources for education website

If you are working on a website for an educational institute or  an online course, you must check out this amazing website designs. These designs were made especially for education related websites and video education sites. The designs are modern, creative, and enhances the usability of the website. There are a variety of menu options provided in the design that will help you to categorize different items from your website. Some of the key features of this design template is:

- It has a one-page homepage design
- Provision for accordion gallery and filtered portfolio
- Compatible with all major web browsers
- Free web fonts

That's not all; once you have downloaded these free templates, you can edit them according to you your needs. It comes with multiple commercial licenses and you can use them on your personal projects as well.

Responsive Mega Menu

This CSS3 mega menu is most apt for e-commerce websites or while creating online portfolios. This resource has a mega drop-down component which can be used for showcasing different products from your online store. Also in the case of a portfolio, the drop-down would be the best way of showcasing your latest artistic works and creations. Some of the attractive features about this freebie that makes it stand out are:

- Inter-browser compatibility
- Fluid responsive layout
- Multiple color themes.
- Extensive documentation and completely customizable.

The documentation provided with this resource provides good insight, as to how you can edit the menu items in the drop-down. So don't wait; just download this amazing resource and give it a try.

Free WordPress Theme by CyberChimps

If you want your website to be visually pleasing, you should try to make it simple. You need to ensure that the website is not over-crowded with contents and that users can navigate around with ease, irrespective of the device they are using. This theme created by CyberChimps is fully responsive and has a fluid design. The theme is SEO friendly compatible with WooCommerce and a few other WordPress plugins. It supports multilingual content and also provides you a blog page. Thanks to the fluid grid design, you can view the website on all compatible devices and platforms without any misalignment. A must have theme indeed.

Ken Burn sliders and effects

Behold, a creative way of presenting your artistic creations to your audience. Introducing, sliders with Ken Burn effect. This slider is no like any other pagination or carousel sliders that you have seen. Using the Ken Burn slider, you can create a responsive slider with image panning and zooming effects. So of the notable features of this slider are:
- Comes in two modes - Full screen or box.
- Multiple category support
- Fully responsive design
- Custom image transition and animation.
The slider is an amazing design resource and you can use it while designing your clients' business portfolio. The slider comes with a few bonus transitions as well. Namely, slide, alpha & zoom. You can further customize the slider according to your needs. This slider is nothing short of an asset, and you must make sure that you keep this slider in your design resources.

Vector infographics element

If you are a business owner or a digital marketer, you know the power of social media. If you can showcase your website properly to the social media, you would be able to amass a lot of traffic. But to do so, you must find the best way to create content for your audience. And the one of the best ways being infographics. Infographics are the best way of providing data or statistics about a product or service. They are easy to read and has ample data packed in a small space. The vector infographics elements, are such resource which you can use to create your own infographics and spearhead your marketing campaign. The infographics elements are completely customizable and let you put your data in a readable and appealing format. You can download this resource with the click of a button and then use it for your personal or clients' ventures.

Android app UI kit

Designing an Android app is not an easy task. You have to implement different functionalities, and also create your own designs. This can take a lot of time. So to ease the pain of designing from scratch, you can use the Android App UI. With this UI kit, you can select the design elements that you want to use in your app, and concentrate on adding the custom logic to these elements. Using the kit is very easy and you can even customize them according to your requirements. The designs are cool and minimalistic. You can get buttons, navigators, widgets, icons and much more elements using this design kit. Why wait, download the UI kit and save a lot of your precious time.

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