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Best prototyping & design handoff tools for designers in 2019

Web Design
18 Sep 2019
Prototyping offers numerous advantages to web designers. Design concepts can be reviewed and proved or disproved as can versions of the evolving product throughout the...

Mobile App Wireframes as Great Examples of Time and Money Saving

Web Development
24 Jan 2018
With wireframes, you make the first step to the improvement of your time and costs management.

iOS 11 UI Kits for iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Mobile Development
16 Oct 2017
With the release of iOS11, it has introduced many new UI components and layout. Due to the different screen dimension of iPhone X, there will...

Adobe Releases New UX Design Tool - Adobe Experience Design - XD

16 Mar 2016
Adobe announced the release of a brand new version of Experience Design (XD). A new tool for UX design and quick prototyping. Formerly known as...

Use Prototyping’s Best Practices and Tools for the Best Results

Web Development
14 Oct 2015
It’s common sense to look for the best tool if you want to get something done right, but even the best of tools may not...

10+ Web Resources You Should Use

Web Development
08 Apr 2015
For sure any web developer knows that his job is really hard and stressful. To skip doing everything manually, save time and add value to...

TETHR - The Most Beautiful iOS Design Kit Indeed!

Mobile Development
11 Sep 2014
iOS designers, brace yourself and get ready with all the tools for a surge of iOS projects! :) I just got to know InVision has...

Basiliq - Beautiful Freehand Vector UI Kit for Wireframes

Web Design
25 Oct 2013
One of the benefits of UI kits is to create quick prototype. Sometimes, it's hard to explain an idea to your client, that's when UI...