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Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Sep 2017
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A while back, we have shared a list of lightning-fast flat file CMS. The main reason why they are fast because they don't rely on database to store data. It uses folder for the site structure and files to store data.

Here we have a pretty awesome blogging platform called Publii. Unlike most of the flat file systems, Publii is actually a desktop app available for both Windows and Mac. It generates static HTML files and then you can SYNC it to your server with its One-Click Synchronisation which supports Amazon S3, GitHub Pages, Google Cloud, Netlify and SFTP.

That means, you can create blog posts while offline. once it's done, get Internet access to sync it to your server. With this setup, you automatically created backup locally.

It's designed for non-technical users. It has user-friendly and intuitive interface that helps setting up a website fast. And they don't forget about hardcore blogger as well, there's tons of configuration and customisation for themes.


Other that than, you get all features you'd expect in a modern websites:

  • You website will be mobile friendly.
  • It comes with flexible SEO options.
  • The UI is intuitive, you hardly need to learn HTML.
  • You can control multiple websites within the same app with instant switching. No databases or other credentials to remember.
  • It generates Accelerated Mobile Pages (Ultra-fast, mobile-friendly webpages) without you knowing it.
  • Social media Open Graph Support.
  • File compression for faster page load speed.
  • It comes with a few high quality responsive templates.

After thought

I actually pretty amazed by Publii. I have seen many half-baked open source flat file systems that's hard to use and Publii is definitely NOT one of them. Their desktop app is well-designed and easy to use. Kid you not, I managed to create a website in just 5 minutes and that proven they have thought it through from UI and UX perspective as a normal user. There are quite a few free templates and they are of high quality. Beautiful typography and responsive templates.

I also surprise at the amount of configuration available for SEO, themes and website general settings. You can add custom CSS and HTML too. For hardcore theme configuration, they have developer documentation.

One drawback though for Publii is the lack of extension/plugins. I figured it's new so it's just a matter of time. But if you like simplicity and good performance websites, you should add Publii into your consideration.

Publii Official Website

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