Web Development and Design Deals on Black Friday

Written by Kevin Liew on 28 Nov 2014
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Black Friday comes to web development and design deals, here is a list of 11 exclusive deals for some of the best tools you should be using.

1. X by Themeco

Themeco has long been providing the Ultimate WordPress Theme in X, and with their new X 3.0 they are ready to take things to a whole new level. They promise a WordPress experience unlike any other one before. With the aid of custom pages, the sky’s the limit: take your website as far as imagination allows, because the new custom page layouts include About, Pricing, Contact and many more. The new incredible shortcodes will come at no additional cost: Responsive Visibility will help you show only specific things on specific devices, while Table of Contents is a perfect method of increasing page views. The X 3.0’s new Extensions will leave your clients speechless, without a shadow of a doubt. These plugins can be downloaded instantly and will update themselves automatically with every verified purchase. X has previously revolutionized the theme market and it’s getting ready to do it again with their latest release. Every line of code has been carefully laid out to guarantee flawless compatibility with X. Purchasing a unique license will offer you access to lots of outstanding tools and features like Stacks, Live Previewer and Live Customizer. With X you will be able to let your creativity flow and step up your game by creating the web site of your dreams. Get the Black Friday deal right now by clicking on the button below.

2. Templates Master

No matter how great the products on your eCommerce website may be, you also need a quick and efficient checkout system so that your clients don’t get lost in a complicated and time-consuming checkout process that will make them give up on their purchase. Enter Template Master’s Magento One Page Checkout, Firecheckout 2.0. It only requires a one-step checkout installation, it’s available in over ten languages and it’s VAT verified for the European Union countries. Instead of subjecting your clients to endless checkout steps, you will now provide a swift one-step checkout for them.  Whether you opt for a minimalistic 3-column layout or a user-friendly 2-column layout for the checkout page, your clients will thank you and you will be increasing your store’s conversion rate. If you want to further customize your checkout, you can add up to five other fields for comments, client requests and so on. Firecheckout supports other cool tools, for example you can locate a user’s country, city and state with geolocation technology. I’m sure you are now convinced that you should get your hands on Firecheckout. We have an extra tip for you: enter the code BLCK2014 for Templates Master’s special Black Friday promotion and you will get a 30% discount, click on the button below to get started.

3. Designmodo

What is the best place to shop for website building products and browse through tutorials for getting your own web site up and running in no time? Designmodo is by far the obvious answer. They offer amazing WordPress themes that are combined with Bootstrap Frameworks and Templates. The result? The perfect affordable solution for designers, companies and freelancers. The drag and drop editor will definitely be a hit for designers who will fall in love with the stylish components and neat icons. You are free to experiment and combine elements to create your own unique project. If you are on a tight budget or if you don’t like to spend too much, you should keep in mind that design prototypes will be quickly and easily put together and former designs will be updated according to the latest trends. This way you can rest assured that you will save money and time. You can start saving money now, by clicking on the button below and taking advantage of Designmodo’s Black Friday Promotion, with all their products at a 70% discount.

4. Usersnap

Usersnap will help you get rid of asking for snapshots from your users once and for all. This helpful tool will automatically create screenshots of the current browser content when a bug report is filed. This way, you will be able to see exactly what your users see. The best part is that Usersnap does not require any special plugins. The in-browser screenshot will spot specific problems instantaneously. Another cool feature of Usersnap is that you can invite your colleagues, business partners or team members into Usersnap to talk over screens and brain-storm for the best solution. Usersnap guarantees seamless integration. The team believes in showing instead of telling. If you’re tired of sending and receiving mails to and from your users, trying to pinpoint the issue, Usersnap will make your life easier with its 20+ bug tracking and project management tools. Ready to give it a try and convince yourself how user friendly Usersnap really is? You can now receive a lifetime 20% discount for Usersnap by using the coupon “USERSNAP­BLACKFRIDAY14” and clicking on the button below.

5. Themify

If you are looking to add unique touches to your web site, but you don’t have coding or programming skills, Themify will help you polish your site in no time. Themify’s framework allows quick theme customization without touching a single line of code. Their framework includes a drag & drop builder, custom widgets and shortcodes that will help you achieve the web site of your dreams. Themify’s strongest features are the Builder Addons, the modules that extend the Themify Builder. They can be used with any Themify theme and the Builder plugin. You’ll be able to recreate the Windows 8 Metro layout with Tiles, highlight certain areas with Pointer, build a simple contact form with Contact, create animated circles and number counters with Counter, design elegant audio playlists with Audio, and even compare two images side by side with A/B Image. Only during the Black Friday Promotion you can enjoy a 20% discount for any product of your choice with the code BLACKFRIDAY and by clicking on the button below. On top of the 40% sale, they are giving out an iPad Mini for this event!

6. Elegant Themes

Looking to create stunning, dynamic websites without having to learn how to program or code? Elegant Themes offers you the perfect theme to help you do that called Divi, which offers great features and guarantees to mesmerize your viewers with its unique and stylish layouts. This beautiful premium WordPress theme will come along with unparalleled tech support and some amazing features like Shortcodes and Page Templates. The new theme Divi comes with the Divi Builder that will transform anyone into a programmer in the blink of an eye. You’ll be able to achieve responsive designs without touching a single line of code. The large collection of Divi Modules will give you all the tools you need to build your own unique layouts. Divi was created on a powerful foundation of strong features that offer you the possibility to design your website just the way you like it. But don’t take our word for it, check out for yourself how versatile Divi is on the demos that show off what this awesome theme can do. Ready for some more good news? You can now get your own 20% discount for Developer subscriptions by clicking on the button below.

7. PowerMockup

PowerMockup is a simple to use add-on that will turn your PowerPoint into a wireframe tool. With this user-friendly add-on you’ll be able to create your own elements with the standard PowerPoint shapes and sketch user interface ideas within minutes. Even non-technical users will be able to help with the design by using PowerPoint as a wireframe tool. And since wireframe sketches let you spot design errors before they are implemented in code, you will surely avoid expensive surprises. PowerMockup is used by thousands of professionals around the globe such as Intel, Amazon, Samsung, Telefonica and even Microsoft. You can even have your own stencils and categories. What is more, PowerMockup takes stencils to a whole new level: you’ll be able to make quick changes like adding items to a tab bar or set the state of a check box. Only within the Black Friday deal you can now take advantage of a 50% discount on any PowerMockup license. Click on the link below to get the deal and start using PowerMockup for your wireframes right away.

8. Improvely

No one is safe from Internet fraud, be it of smaller or greater proportions. If you dabble in online marketing, you absolutely need a click fraud monitoring and conversion tracking service; we recommend Improvely. This is a great service for those who advertise their own website or for designers that manage advertising for their clients, with a full range of agency features like client logins and white-label reports. Improvely will identify what ads are generating your clicks and sales, as it works with PPC, banners, text links, e-mail and every other type of online advertising. This amazing service offers advanced source attribution and will give you the source of every lead, signup or sale on your website – in fact, it will go so far as to tell you all the previous visits which led up to that conversion. You can additionally ask for a detailed profile of every visitor to your site. You can say goodbye to click fraud because Improvely will send you reports about fraudulent paid ads and block any suspicious activity. This service is great for both agencies and affiliate marketers due to its amazing complexity, so you had better take note of its amazing Black Friday discount: a free trial of 14 days plus 10% off any subscription plan for life if you click on the button below.

9. Hotjar

Eager to find out how your viewers are really using your site? There are many professional tools that will help you do this, but, unlike Hotjar, they only offer one functionality at high prices. Hotjar will offer you unlimited insight from your web and mobile sites while collecting feedback and turning more viewers into clients. You will have everything you might need in a single unified platform. Designers have been able to record the likes and dislikes of a site’s visitors, but up until now they haven’t been able to pinpoint what makes viewers tick. Here is where Hotjar steps in, with a number of amazing features like Hotjar Insights, Heatmaps and Online Surveys. The Hotjar Insights is a new solution that will help you reveal the true behavior and experiences of your website’s users. This way, you’ll have the big picture and the possibility to improve your site. Hotjar’s unique Heatmaps will show you what users really care about and what they actually do on your site: just at a glance you’ll be able to see your users’ clicks, taps and scrolling behavior. The Online Surveys offer a user-friendly editor that will enable you to create responsive surveys for collecting real time responses on any device. Get Hotjar for yourself by clicking on the button below.

10. Wingify

Through A/B testing you can optimize a website’s ability to convert visitors into customers. It can also help companies increase their incomes without making an investment to attract and acquire traffic. A/B testing is essential in Internet marketing, so finding a solution that suits your needs is highly important. The Visual Website Optimizer is user friendly, feature rich and will help you save money. VWO will enable you to quickly test landing pages, websites and eCommerce sites with minimal IT help. If you also need to create multiple variation tests, split URL tests or iOS Apps optimizations, then the Visual Website Optimizer is definitely the perfect tool for you. If you need help getting started, you will find many guidelines that will familiarize you with the how-to tips and tricks. If you want to take advantage of their Black Friday deal all you have to do is sign up for a free trial, wait to be directed to the VWO application where you have to click the orange “Upgrade” button. Scrolling, you will see the coupon code section where you can enter the Black Friday coupon code (vwo-black-friday) available from the 28th to the 30th of November. Now your account has a validity of three months and 30,000 visitors. Click on the button below to get started.

11. FastIcon

Custom icon sets have a way of adding a special touch to your website or application. They help show that you truly are invested in even the smallest details pertaining to your work. This is why you should always take great care to only choose the best icons available and the place to go in order to find them is FastIcon Stock Icons. On their website you will find a gallery of over 3000 icons that suit every need you can possibly have. The team at FastIcon has been at it ever since 2004 and you can be sure they’ve learnt their share of tricks along the way. Check out all the icons available and choose between getting small, categorized icon sets for your website or a large bundle that will include icons for all your current and future needs. Also, feel free to customize the icons you get further, all the vector icons from FastIcon can easily be changed whether its their size, colour, strokes or orientation you choose to alter. Check out the awesome Black Friday campaign that they’re offering with discounts ranging from 40% to 70% by clicking on the button below.

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