5 Website Design Trends to Use In Your Wedding Website in 2018

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Feb 2018
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Getting married is one of the most exciting things that’s ever happened to you. From browsing sites like Pinterest and Azazie to find the perfect dresses for yourself and the bridesmaids to testing a variety of champagnes and cakes and choosing the perfect couples hashtag for your new wedding Instagram account, you love every aspect of planning. But what you’re most excited about is creating a beautiful, user-friendly wedding website. You’re already choosing what pics to show, and crafting the perfect message for your guests to read regarding how to best drive from the hotel to the ceremony.

So if you want your wedding website to be as fab as it can possibly be, check out these website design trends for 2018:

1 Vibrant color themes

According to 99designs, “2018 is definitely the year for super excess colors online…[M]ore designers are becoming courageous in their approach to color—including supersaturation and vibrant shades combined with headers that are no longer just horizontal but reimagined with slashes and hard angles.”

So if you’re looking to revive the 80s at your wedding, then you’re in luck: in addition to including funky sunglasses for people to wear in their photo booth pictures, you can also include some colorful, strange shapes and fonts in your website where guests will RSVP. Two-thirds of people would rather read something beautiful designed than something plain, so follow every fancy.

2 Give the GIFt of GIFs

Lee Fasciani, the founder of Territory Projects, is excited about the potential of GIFs when it comes to website design trends this year. He explains, "It seems the world is ready (and indeed is crying out for) animation of everything, whether it be comedy loops of cats falling off tables or adding a sense of fun to the logo in your email signature.” You’ve probably already started using GIFs in your texts and Facebook messages to friends, so why not use them in your wedding website?

To create a fun GIF with your partner, check out Giphy’s GIF maker here. Back in 2016, this site passed 100 million daily users, so you can definitely count on them to make your GIF awesome-looking, the same way a smoker can count on Juul e-cigarettes to diminish his cravings without having to reach for an actual cigarette.

3 Bold typography

Considering that websites in 2018 are already going to have crazy colors and fun GIFs, it’s no surprise that, when it comes to fonts, bold typography a big trend, too. And it’s not just a trend in websites, but with marketing of all kinds--just take a look at the font choices for the website for the film People You May Knowto see what we’re talking about.

The fact is, when the experts are designing sites, typography accounts for 90 percent of web design. We know, we’re as shocked as you are. But when you think about just how much information you’re providing your guests compared to how many images they’re seeing--from asking for their food preferences to detailing how the registry works--you can see why typography that everyone loves can make a big difference.

4 More creativity with layouts

According to self-taught designer and developer Chen Hui Jing, layouts are changing drastically these days: “For the first time, we have a level of control over how elements are rendered on a web page that we've never had before...The web is a unique medium, and it‘s high time we established a new normal for it, breaking it free from the shackles of static print design.”

So if you were considering going for a totally minimalist design, think again. Instead, consider using a free design website such as wix.com, who now have over of a total of 110 million users because of the variety of templates and looks they offer. This is the perfect chance for you and your new partner to choose exactly the kind of look that represents you online.

5 Mobile friendliness

Finally, your website isn’t going to get anywhere if you don’t make it accessible via phones. After all, we’re already spending over 4 hours a day on our phones, and more than often than not, getting important info we need there. If your mother-in-law is rushing on the day of the wedding to find out the quickest directions, you know she’s not going to open up her laptop or check on her tablet. She’s going to check on her phone.

So if you want your website to be as mobile-friendly as possible, follow these tips from Hootsuite--and don’t forget to have a friend test it out, too, in case there’s anything important you might be missing! Sometimes, another point of view can make all the difference.

As you can see, there are lots of fun website design trends of 2018 that you can implement in your wedding website. It’s all about getting creative and seeing what works for you.

What cool design trends are you thinking of including on your wedding website this year?

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