20 Absolutely Stylish Web Form Design Showcase

Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Jan 2010
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A web form is one of the methods for users to interact with the website. We use it to collect user feedback, sign up for a service, comments and as well as entering data. It's crucial to make a clean and usable form layout to ensure it's easy to use and understand.

In this showcase, you will be able to get inspired by the creativity from other web designers.

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Azterik Media 12 years ago
very nice collection. Too often the forms are bland compared to the overall website design, nice to see people spicing it up a bit.
seofeel 12 years ago
Nica colloction, thanks
David 12 years ago
Ni collection, but i dont think the last entry should be a part of this roundup.
Web Design Tutorials 12 years ago
I am such an experienced user that I've already encountered all the cases))) There are some which I like much more than the others, but still I think that there is no limit to human imagination. I will be eagerly waiting for more. Thanks.
custom logo design 11 years ago
I really love to read articles that have good information and ideas to share to each reader. I hope to read more from you guys and continue that good work that is really inspiring to us.

Ashok Rathod 11 years ago
Nice article… thanks for sharing…

This link having more then 80 creative form design this will help you for inspiration.


Ashok Rathod