15 Web Design Wireframing Tools

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 May 2017
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Wireframing is an essential part of the design process of any website. The practice of wireframing involves creating a schematic to show roughly where various elements of your website will go. Determining the arrangement of your design elements before building your website will ensure all of your components fit together nicely.

There are many tools on the web to help you wireframe your website. Check out these top 15 web design wireframing tools to get a head start on creating your website's digital blueprints.

1. Visio

Microsoft's Visio tool is one of the most comprehensive wireframing tools available. It can be used to create flowcharts, diagrams, and other visualizations. Use this tool to plan the construction of your professional or corporate website. Visio has an online editor and can be purchased outright or accessed through an affordable monthly subscription service. 

2. Bones

This wireframing tool for web designers has over 120 pre-made elements to help create your website blueprints. It can display how your website will look across more than 100 screen sizes and arrangements. Bones is retina ready and includes many vector shapes.

3. Website Wireframe Tool

If you're looking for a simple and fast wireframing tool to make a quick mock up of your next website, then the Website Wireframing tool is right for you. This application is web-based so there's nothing to download. It's also free to use and has Drag, Text, and Clone options for quickly creating, labeling and replicating content areas.

4. Bootflat UI Kit

This wireframing tool is unique in that it specializes in creating flat web designs. This is great choice for modern designs with sleek user interfaces. The Bootflat UI Kit allows you to create prototypes of your website to use during presentations and meetings. 

5. Frame Box

This online wireframing tool is among the easiest to learn and use. It has boxes, text boxes, and even buttons and menu items that can be placed onto a grid-style canvas for quick mock-ups. Frame Box has a useful comment mode for revisions and notes.

6. Pencil Project

Pencil Project is a free, downloadable wireframing tool that works on PC and Mac computers. There are many stencils and templates available for this tool so you can save time and avoid starting from scratch. Pencil Project lets you export to HTML, PDF and other file formats for easy sharing.

7. Jolly UI

If you want to create a responsive website that displays well on mobile then this tool is right for you. Jolly UI will help you design your site's frame with vector images that easily reshape and conform to varying dimensions. Jolly UI is free and comes with Illustrator and Photoshop file packages.

8. Lumzy

Lumzy is a robust wireframing tool that helps you create mock-ups for websites. The menu and options in this software are easy to use, so you can create your finished product quickly. Lumzy has an online demo for those wanting to try it before getting started.

9. Simple Diagrams

This downloadable program will get you started wireframing with just a few clicks. Simple Diagrams turns your sketches in a website layout on a clean and organized canvas. Use the modifiable shapes to create content blocks in endless assortments.

10. 20 Item Wireframing Pack

This free toolkit contains 20 items for use in your next wireframing project. Among these items are various symbols and .AI files for Adobe Illustrator. Use this toolkit to sketch your desktop or mobile website for free in Illustrator, or to show clients how their site will look before you get started.

11. Mockflow

Mockflow is a flash-based mockup and UX toolkit for web designers. This tool can be used regardless of your web hosting and CMS choice, since it creates universally compatible HTML and CSS template designs. It contains Draw and Collaborate modes for design teams and corporate users.

12. Gliffy

This application is designed to help you create the skeleton of your next website or mobile app. It's simple and straight-forward with grid-style, movable blocks to represent various content on your site.

13. Cacoo

Cacoo is a diagram based wireframing tool for websites. It's used commercial and for personal sites and has many features including a vast library of shapes. This software has templates built-in for those with HTML5 and CSS3 web hosting. Use Cacoo to create the wireframe for your site, or to simply make flowcharts for your workflow productivity.

14. Mockingbird 

This wireframing toolkit helps you create mock up applications for websites and apps. Its advanced features allow you to create interactive wireframe elements, such as linked pages and clickable menu options. Mockingbird also lets you edit your design in real time with collaborators, making it perfect for design and development teams.

15. Blueprint Wireframe PSD Kit

The Blueprint Wireframe PSD kit is a free wireframing kit for use with Adobe Photoshop. It's great for designers already working with Photoshop to create design elements and layouts. This tool is free to download and use, and gives you complete control over your website wireframing through Photoshop's powerful selection of tools and brushes.

These 15 tools each have useful features that will help you create a practical and easy to use wireframe for your website. Use these wireframing and website planning tools alone or in conjunction to have a solid plan for your site that can easily be shared with others.

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