How I know I’ve found an Awesome Web Hosting Plan

Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Aug 2013
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It was a pleasure to make the acquaintance of Media Temple’s Grid service. In all likelihood, it’s the best shared hosting alternative. There’s so much about this particular plan that sounds nice, that I don’t even know where to start.

Before I get into it, let me just say that it comes from Media Temple, and almost every graphic and web designer knows who I’m talking about. Their reputation precedes them in all circles, because they’re so good at what they do and they’ve been a constant support throughout the years.

The future of most websites lies in the Grid

A Grid-based service is what you want all your small business websites to adhere to, because it would basically make them immortal. One website is supported by several servers, so when visitors rush in, any sudden outbreak of popularity won’t cripple your capacity and leave them staring at a “temporarily unavailable” note. You definitely want to avoid that nuisance, if you take my meaning, in any blog or portfolio hosting.

Media Temple introduces a Grid plan with 1 TB scalable bandwidth and 100 GB storage, where you can host up to 100 websites, which are optimized and protected against spam or hack attacks through the Cloudmark system, and CloudFlare with Railgun. And you save loads of money, because the Cloudflare with Railgun would normally cost you $200, and Media Temple will get it for you free of charge.

Smooth email management

Media Temple’s Grid has a whole army of servers working only for Web Mail, and that’s a good thing if you, like me, need to handle a constant flow of correspondence without it interfering with the website’s performance. You can easily drag ‘n’ drop the photo thumbnails attached to contacts, and you can do that from a desktop, or an iPhone.

However, what I absolutely loved was the uControl panel, whereby your customer can do some things by himself, such as edit spam settings, email passwords, and so on, and so forth.

The AccountCenter

The gorgeous command center enables you to keep a close eye on billing, to add new domains whenever you feel like it, to fix any MySQL database permission issue that might arise, and add all sorts of applications. I need to nudge the bloggers, here, and call out that Media Temple’s Grid is especially optimized for WordPress, which is available for 1 Click Installation.

Besides, their support team is helpful, friendly and always available. They’ve even got an award to show off for that. So pick up your phone, or chat online, or Tweet.

And if you need to move a website ($150/website) or a domain ($25/domain), or get other On-Demand assistance, CloudTech Premium Support for your Grid is standing by, only a click away.

It’s worth your money

It’s worth $20-a-month. Part of activating the Grid plan is going forward with a domain that you already own, or register a new one (.com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, or .name). The latter is $5 for the first year of hosting, and $12 per year afterwards.

And, bam! Media Temple is confident that you’ll be very happy with their service, insofar as they promise to reimburse you if you ever want to back out.

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Drew at (mt) Media Temple 11 years ago
Kevin! Thank you for the great article and kind words! It really means a lot to us when we hear great things from our fans :) - If you ever need anything from us we're here for you 24/7 on Twitter: @MediaTempleHelp

Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

Drew J
(mt) Media Temple
(mt) Sara 11 years ago
Wow Kevin - you just made our day!
Thank you so much for the glowing review. We appreciate all the feedback and will continue to aim for a high level of service to you and all of our customers!
Oh, and nice lookin' site you got here. :) Keep up the food work!
Kevin Admin 11 years ago
You're welcome, good stuff should be made known to everyone. :)
Omar 11 years ago
They're not as great as they used to be. I've been with them for over 5 years and support recently has taken a turn from the worse. I was on grid and now every time I have a question regarding my hosting they keep pushing the dv vps which is $50 a month. Comparable to other hosting plans out there you can find something for cheaper. Even the grid's $20 a month isn't the best for what you get.