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Written by Kevin Liew on 17 Jun 2013
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Working as a web designer or graphic designer is an awesome job because you get paid to create things which will be seen by millions of people. It's like being an artist whose paintings are being exposed in the most famous museums from all around the world. This sure looks like a dream job but it has its problems, just like any other profession.

As a designer, you need understand and to follow client's needs, you need to follow impossible deadlines and to be able to change designs each and every time you are being told. For a freelancer, working with difficult clients or having many tasks can lead to endless and stressful hours of planning, conceiving and creating new design elements which may or may not be useful in the final product. If you take these problems and you add them in the day to day list of a designer which is also a beginner, there is a very high probability that after a few months we will look for another job.

Creating a design element is not an easy task if you are new in this field because it requires a lot of experience. That being said, what can you do when you have an extremely tight deadline? Well, the best solution is to use already made designs because they can help you to rapidly create either a mockup either a functional design.

Having access to such resources is critical to many designers, so this is the main reason for this post. From here you can download an archive with over 100 extremely great design elements such as logo templates, ribbons, user interface kits, label templates or text effects. All of these are free to use and were handpicked using, a great search engine in which you can find thousands of free resources for designers.

Below you can see some examples from the pack.

Download this graphic pack

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Web Design Mash 10 years ago
Awesome freebie pack! Keep up the great work.
Roberto Blake 10 years ago
This has got to be one of the best free giveaway packs out there! Thanks for posting