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Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Sep 2014
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If you are looking to make a name for yourself in the field of ecommerce and have decided to use WooCommerce, you might just be overwhelmed looking at the number of WooCommerce themes out there. We have narrowed down a list of some of the most functional, flexible and responsive themes you can choose from.

The WooCommerce themes mentioned below come with every feature that you could possibly ask for, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of functionality.  Although all these themes share several common remarkable features, they all have their unique selling points and are therefore suitable for a wide range of different purposes.

Bi-Shop All In One: E-commerce & Corporate Theme

Bi-Shop boasts an impressive framework and a number of powerful features that consolidate its position as one of the most versatile WooCommerce themes out there.

In terms of aesthetics, users can choose from eight options of skins and graphic styles. There is no shortage of web fonts, with over 500 different options including integrated Google fonts, as well as the ability to upload your own. You can also try out countless varieties of layouts for your shop with unprecedented ease, thanks to a dynamic visual composer.


Bi-Shop enables users to choose between wide and boxed layout to create mobile-friendly and retina-ready websites. It also provides for the option to create unique side bars, in addition to the standard right or left sidebars that most people are familiar with. Bi-Shop comes with several plugins, including video support and zoom features on product pages, as well as a useful wish-list feature.


Reorder is one of the simplest and cleanest WordPress templates out there. Its one page layout may appear to be simple, but it comes with all the latest features that will give your website that much-needed edge. This WooCommerce theme was built to work with both HTML5 and CSS3. It boasts a dynamic layout builder, which makes it very easy to customize your website.

Business Essentials 2

Business Essentials 2 lives up to its predecessor in terms of functionality, but it has a lot to offer in terms of usability. This WooCommerce theme has been broken down into plugins, which means that you have full control over how your website will look once you are done tweaking around with the many powerful tools it has to offer.


If you are looking to target mountain biking enthusiasts, there is no better WooCommerce theme to opt for than Bikes. Its bright yellow theme and realistic appearance is enough to make sure that biking enthusiasts will check out your website and test out the sports supplies you have to offer. Although Bikes does not offer too much flexibility in comparison to other themes, it is designed keeping in mind a niche market. You can now get this theme with a 50% discount using the promo code “WOO”.


Shopsy is among the most powerful drag-and-drop based themes available for WooCommerce. This style of theme makes it extremely convenient creating templates and designing pages with a great degree of flexibility. There are countless features that you can choose to drag onto your web page, including custom blogs, a product bar, a dynamic sidebar and Google Maps. Best of all, however, is that you won’t have to worry about how accessible your page will be on different devices since Shopsy takes care of that for you. If you wish to use this theme, you must use WordPress 3.5 or a later version.


Flatshop, if used with the free WooCommerce plugin, can transform just about any normal WordPress website into a dynamic virtual shop that stands out from its competitors. Many people opt for Flatshop because it lets you modify individual products. Lightbox features and an Ajax slide card are just some of the features that this impressive theme has to offer. Flatshop also features a number of transition effects, infinite scroll and responsive icon fonts which enhance the overall feel of your website. If you are looking to build a detailed product page, the inbuilt Themify Builder will help make the process extremely simple.


SoCute is a simple ecommerce theme with a clean appearance. It has been designed keeping responsiveness in mind. SoCute works smoothly on every kind of device out there. Despite being simple on the eye, SoCute offers an advanced theme option that allows you to create unlimited layouts. It has 300+ shortcodes that you can make full use of when you are customizing product pages, as well as five different types of sliders and an inbuilt product comparison feature.


UberStore offers a great deal of flexibility in that it comes with unlimited home page styles, revolution sliders and advanced theme options. No matter how you intend to customize this theme, the visual composer will make your job easier than you could ever imagine.  UberStore has a beautiful and extremely responsive modern design that is extremely functional on mobile phones and tablets. Best of all, if you purchase this app, you get $169 worth of plugins and other accessories absolutely free.


Munditia’s powerful and dynamic interface makes it one of the preferred WooCommerce themes out there today. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, you can customize Munditia in every way imaginable to suit your particular needs. The premium Page Builder makes it very easy to design pages exactly how you want them, right down to the smallest details. Since the theme uses AJAX, it enables customers to purchase products in your shop with just one click.


Watches is another niche-specific WooCommerce theme available to those who have shops that sell watches. This theme features a useful deluxe slider that makes it easy and enjoyable to browse through your selection of watches. Although this theme is designed for selling a particular product, it still allows users to tweak its design around according to their preferences. The content section is made of three different areas, namely ‘On Sale’, ‘From the Blog’ and ‘Featured Products.’ This lets you easily divide your products in the best possible way to increase your sales.


Callisto is another responsive WooCommerce that works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablet devices. This theme provides a great deal of flexibility, but one of the main reasons why people opt for it is that it comes with two of the most popular WordPress plugins out there – Revolution Slider and Visual Composer.


If you are looking for a modern theme that will make it easy for you to sell any kind of products online, don’t look beyond Cypress. It features a classy side menu and an extremely useful header builder. If you wish to divide your product into categories, you can take advantage of the versatile mega menu that Cypress offers.

Big Point

Big Point boasts a powerful interface and a number of features that make it stand out from other WooCommerce themes. If you frequently find yourself modifying your themes, Big Point’s Page Builder will make your job very easy. Page Builder will make your job very easy. You can simply drag-and-drop different parts of your page to make it look exactly how you want it without having to go through lines of messy codes.


Zonda is a highly-customizable and extremely responsible WooCommerce theme. Many people use Zonda as a starting point for any kind of store they are setting up, only because it is so easy and quick to use. It also has a number of features its competitive themes don’t, including the ability to highlight the best brands and products on the main page of your shop. Best of all, shops made using Zonda always look great, regardless of what kind of device you view them from.


GoodLiness, as a WooCommerce theme, has a lot to offer in terms of its interface. It is not just clean but extremely customizable in terms of how you can display your products. GoodLiness was built with CSS, Bootstrap3 and HTML5, and it is one of the most responsive WordPress themes out there.


The WooCommerce themes marketplace is filled with countless options – something that new developers in particular can find rather overwhelming. This list contains just some apps that have survived the test of time, and have made a name for themselves as the best WooCommerce themes available in the market today. If you are still unsure, just click on the links and check out what these themes look like once they have been applied to a store. 

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