Giveaway 3 Top Level Domain Names from Namecheap

Written by Kevin Liew on 17 May 2013
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Sick of using subdomain name of other people? Domain name is very important to make your business looks professional, here we have Namecheap to giveaway domain names to 3 lucky winners. Even better, our first prize, you'll get 3 Top Level Domain names (.com/,net/.org)!

About Namecheap

Namecheap are a leading ICANN accredited domain registrar and webhost, boasting competitive pricing and unparalleled levels of support. They offer web hosting packages and SSL certificates catering to all budgets, and have recently launched the Onepager tool, an intuitive way to quickly establish an online presence.

Domain registration features include:

  • Free WhoisGuard Protection
  • Featured DNS Services
  • Free URL & Email Forwarding
  • Full Domain Control

What Do You Get?

  • 3 free gTLD domain names for the winner (.com/.net/.org)
  • 1 free gTLD for two runners up

Competition Closed


We have 3 lucky winners! Congratulation to the winners below, you guys will receive an email from Namecheap soon.

  1. 1st: Tate - Won 3 domain names
  2. Runner up: Janmejai – Won 1 domain name
  3. Runner up: Prayag Verma – Won 1 domain name
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Stefan Natter 8 years ago
I really would love to create a sharing platform for my university. Because the current forum is not as good as it could be and I would like to start a knowledge wiki for other students. And the other two domains would be for me (personal blog) and the other for a friend of mine who's father is a dentist and would like to have his own webpage. And this would be important for me too because I could be their webadmin and set up a Website with WordPress.

Hopefully I have a good chance to win :) Thanks for this awesome Giveaway. Already shared your post on Twitter - and later on on Facebook too.
Shannen 8 years ago
I'm going to use these domain names to finally start my small business.
Anwaar 8 years ago
I plan to use this for my startup Vidvaan
Steve Robillard 8 years ago
My tweet is here
and I would use them to add custom domain names to my cloud projects
Axel Lanuza 8 years ago
Actually im going to use this to my startup,
Tate 8 years ago
I'd use the domains for a fansite that I've recently been working on~

Ashmita Dobariya 8 years ago
Here is my efforts to win it.

I will create my own portfolio website using the domain.
Janmejai 8 years ago
Manu 8 years ago
Here is my tweet:

I'd use the top level domain for realising an culture project for organisation and promoting the culture scene and the artists in my departement with a special design where every artist will get his own website and I will help them on subdomains with seo to bring art and money together.
Prayag Verma 8 years ago
I have shared it via Twitter -

I would like to use it to buy domains for my Web App ideas

Rahul Roy 8 years ago
I'm going to use this domain to launch a new startup.
Marc 8 years ago
I would use the domain to realize some of the many website ideas I have but yet refrain from starting as I am not sure of how successful it can be and thus be wasting the money on domains.
Michael 8 years ago
Would be nice to be the lucky one, I already have numerous ideas what to do withe them, and I hope, they're creative. :)