Useful CSS3 References and Online Generator Tools

Written by Kevin Liew on 18 Jun 2012
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CSS3 is getting mature and as a front-end developer, I have been using fair a bit of it such as box-sizing, border-radius, text-shadow and gradient. It's a brilliant solution because those CSS3 effects are quite common in design. For now, the only thing you have to worry is IE 7 and 8 support. Sometimes I even use CSS 3D transform to spice thing up a little bit, but you do have to make sure it can be degraded gracefully like this tutorial I wrote few week ago - Create CSS 3D Transform Card Flip Gallery.

I like online CSS generators, for example, CSS3 gradient generator's user interface. It always come with color pickers and generate all different CSS gradient codes with browser prefixes. If you want to pick up some new stuff about CSS3, or you want a quick copy and paste of CSS codes, in this post, we have 17 CSS3 references and generators for your convenience.


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Jenny Kimber 11 years ago
THANK YOU!!! I am new to css and these helpful tools are just what I needed!!
Jean-Matthieu Bourgeot 11 years ago
Great, thanks ! You should probably add the great by Paul Irish and Jonathan Neal.
Kevin Liew Admin 11 years ago
Yea, I do stumbled upon, but I found it quite confusing that's why I didnt list it here.
asad 11 years ago
Thanks for sharing with us thanks again very help full