Auto-insert Vendor-Specific CSS3 Properties with cssFx.js

Written by Kevin Liew on 31 Mar 2012
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As a frontend developer, dealing with vendor-specific CSS3 properties can be an headache. For example, box-shadow, there are old IE, old Firefox, old webkit and the standard w3c properties, so many value to set and remember. Unless you are using LESS Mixins, otherwise, you might want to try out cssFX.js.

cssFx is a standalone polyfill that inserts the vendor-specific CSS3 properties necessary for old and new browsers. This saves you tons of time, maintenance, and bandwidth! Basically, you need to include cssFx.js Javascript file and specify which css file to parse, and cssFx will take care of it. As a result, you just have to write css3 properties once, and cssFx will add other vendor-specific properties for you.

Supported CSS properties

  • border radius,
  • box shadow,
  • flex box,
  • RGBA,
  • gradients,
  • multiple columns,
  • border image,
  • transforms,
  • transitions,
  • opacity,
  • inline-block,
  • ellipsis,
  • and more.


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