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31 FREE Progress and Loading Bars PSD Design

Web Design
12 Oct 2011
Our 7th series of Free PSD layout around the web! Progress bar isn't a common web element in web design, it's more common in flash...

25 Delicate FREE Tooltips And Cloud Tags PSD

Web Design
11 Oct 2011
Alright guys, our 6th series of free PSD collection. This time, we focus on tooltips and tags. Tag cloud is a common navigation method in...

33 FREE Well-Designed Navigation Menu PSD

Web Design
27 Sep 2011
 Our 5th series of free psd file, we have collected 33 free psd menu layout. Navigation menu is the most important element in a website....

21 FREE Web Forms PSD Layouts

Web Design
20 Sep 2011
G'day, today our FREE psd will be focus on forms. It's important to keep form design simple and easy to understand. In this post, I...

30 FREE Stylish and Decorative Ribbons, Stickers and Badges PSD for Web Designers

Web Design
13 Sep 2011
 This time, I have collect total of 30 ribbons, stickers and badges PSD files, they are all free and available for download.

35 Gorgeous Free Web Buttons PSD

Web Design
05 Sep 2011
 I have been hunting around for free web design elements recently for my new project and I realised that there out way too many high...

42 Outstanding FREE UI Kits for Web Designers

Web Design
29 Aug 2011
Today, we will be covering 42 free UI Kits and templates. All of them are editable in PSD format and mostly covering all of the...

11 Beautifully Designed Free Icon Sets

Web Design
14 Jun 2011
Websites need icons, at least that's what I think. If you use it wisely, icons can be used to replace long and boring text. In...

10 Beautiful Free Icon Sets for Web Designers and Developers

Web Design
07 Mar 2011
Icons by their very nature can convey or represent the intended meaning/information provided they are used at the right place and in an appropriate manner....

40 Amazing Free Paper Textures

Web Design
30 Mar 2010
In this post, you will find examples of varieties of amazing paper textures. Of course, making your own paper texture is pretty easy, but why...

How Those Famous Websites Have Evolved Throughout the Years

Web Design
18 Feb 2010
I went to wayback machine and searched for those famous websites and take a screenshot of it in few years ago and also their current...

20 Absolutely Stylish Web Form Design Showcase

Web Design
05 Jan 2010
A web form is one of the methods for users to interact with the website. We use it to collect user feedback, sign up for...

40 Incredible Vintage Websites

Web Design
21 Dec 2009
Here, you’ll find 40 of the most incredibly well designed vintage web sites. In reality, of course, they’re only vintage at the most superficial of...

30 Gorgeous Horizontal Menus for Inspiration

Web Design
01 Oct 2009
It never easy to create an unique and attractive website navigation. In this post, I have collected 30 inspiring and beautiful horizontal menu that I'm...