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Editing Photos on Mac – The Luminar Basics

Web Design
02 Mar 2017
As a web designer, you understand the importance of having good photo content; along with the ability to position it smartly in your page designs....

Creative and Inspirational Posts from Designfaves

11 Dec 2013
As a front-end developer, I don't limit myself to web related design posts only. Personally, I reckon things around us can be a good inspiration,...

Basiliq - Beautiful Freehand Vector UI Kit for Wireframes

Web Design
25 Oct 2013
One of the benefits of UI kits is to create quick prototype. Sometimes, it's hard to explain an idea to your client, that's when UI...

Industry’s Best: Top 10 Stock Agencies To Buy Images From

07 Oct 2013
An image carries a lot of weight. Publishers and designers understand the significance of a well-placed image, but where to turn for a steady supply...

Giveaway: Get Your Chance to Win 1 of 3 PixelKit Membership Accounts

26 Aug 2013
Tired of waiting and searching for the perfect solution to UI design? The wait’s over. The solution is PixelKit. It’s a robust library featuring high...

Create Pure CSS 3D Model With Tridiv

06 Sep 2013
We all know about WebGL, it's an open standard browser implementation of OpenGL, and you can create 3D games, effect with Javascript. Now, we have...

Great Design Freebies for Designers

Web Design
14 Jul 2013
Nowadays, there are ton of free design resources out there. Instead of creating something from sketch, you can download, reuse or modify them to fit...

50 Gorgeous and Absolutely Free Flat Icon Sets

Web Design
11 Jun 2013
Here we have a good collection of absolutely free flat icons. These icons have minimal or no use of shadows, gradients, feathers and embossing, everything...