Awesome Sticker Mule $100 Giveaway

Written by Kevin Liew on 30 May 2011
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We partnered with Sticker Mule to give 2 readers $100 worth of free custom stickers. Sticker Mule makes ordering custom stickers as simple as possible. Just upload your artwork, pick your size and shape, and they'll send you a free online proof. They even provide free shipping within the US!


Each randomly selected winners will be given $100 in store credit:

  • $100 in store credit from Sticker Mule.
  • Win today, use your credit whenever.
  • Stickers are fade, scratch and water resistant.

Competition is closed

Congratulation to the following readers, you will receive an email to grab your $100 Credit from Sticker Mule Thanks everyone for participating this competition.

  • Steve Robillard
  • @McElmon
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Steve Robillard 12 years ago
We were just discussing ways to promote our book and services - these would be a nice addition.
Steve Robillard 12 years ago
Sorry for the double post; I hit enter a little to quickly. We were just discussing ways to promote our book and services - stickers would be a nice addition.
James Knight 12 years ago
Eray 12 years ago
Laurie 12 years ago
I've been looking for a sticker production company that makes odd shapes and cutouts - this looks like a great fit for my regional portal and additional social network. @bigpacificmedia
Mak K. 12 years ago
I can mak stak my stickers! @makstak
Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi 12 years ago
Mak 12 years ago
@makstak - Their stickers look incredible
dinesh 12 years ago
Oooo, I'd love some free stickers. :)
supun 12 years ago
@McElmon 12 years ago
I've heard StickerMule is a solid company with stellar turnaround time - hopefully I can win some credit and test them out :) CHEERS