Giveaway 5 Sprite Master Web, Powerful Spritesheet Generator

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Feb 2012
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Good day! Today we are giving away Mobinodo Sprite Master Web for Mac user!

Sprite Master Web is a Spritesheet generation tool for Web Designers. It helps you to organize your sprites into one image file and reduces image requests from your server. Sprite Master Web is a light version of Sprite Master.

Sprite Master Web uses Basic and MaxRects algorithms to organize your sprites thus it finds the minimum image size. You can sort your sprites or select different algorithms and methods for best result.

You can also set padding to your sprite sheet by using Sprite Padding and Border Padding parameters. Sprite Padding parameter adds space between sprites. Border Padding adds space to edge of your spritesheet.

About Mobinodo

Mobinodo is an independent software and game company. Mobinodo is founded in 2008 by Polat Olu (Lead Software Developer) and Elcin Seckin (Lead Designer). The Mobinodo team is developing and designing since 1999.


What do you get?

Winner gets a copy of Sprite Master Web.


Good news, everyone is a winner this time :) You will receive an email from very soon. Enjoy the speedy sprite creation with Sprite Master Web!

  • Andrea
  • div
  • Steven
  • MoniqueHasana
  • Sumon @ WP Cyher
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dlv 12 years ago
Great, I didn't know about this app, nice to hear we can have a chance to get it by this giveaway...
Thanks Kevin and Mobinodo for this one,
have a nice day !!/dlv_/status/167587926010638336
Steven 12 years ago
I would love to have something like this.!/SteveJonsie/status/167648581338144769
MoniqueHasana 12 years ago
Oh wow, this is the perfect giveaway. I am loving you on FB as Monique Jones, I'm following both of you on Twitter as @Jesusismygrace RT:!/Jesusismygrace/status/167856149985632256
Sumon @ WP Cypher 12 years ago
dlv 12 years ago
Glad to hear the news about this giveaway,
I've just received the email from Mobinodo!
Thanks both !
Kevin Liew Admin 12 years ago
: ) Enjoy!