10 Innovative jQuery Plugins You Need to Know

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 Jan 2011
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Some of these jQuery plugins you probably might not know and even think it can't be done with javascript. I have been collecting a few and would like to share it with you all.

Among all the plugins, I think I will use Custom content scroller and lettering.js. What about you? If you have something that are cooler than these, drop me a comment :)

  • TN3 Gallery TN3 Gallery is a full fledged HTML based customizable jquery photo gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. Compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers. Powered by jQuery.
  • Face detection
    Face detection
    A jQuery plugin which detects faces in pictures and returns theirs coords. This plugin uses an algorithm by Liu Liu.
  • Custom content scroller
    Custom content scroller
    Custom scrollbar plugin utilizing jquery UI that’s fully customizable with CSS. It features vertical/horizontal scrolling, mouse-wheel support (via Brandon Aaron jquery mouse-wheel plugin), scroll easing and adjustable scrollbar height/width.
  • Audio Player
    Audio Player
    audio.js is a drop-in javascript library that allows HTML5’s
  • Nude detection
    Nude detection
    nude.js is a JavaScript implementation of a nudity scanner based on approaches from research papers. HTMLCanvas makes it possible to analyse image data and return whether it's nude or not.
  • jDownload
    A jQuery plugin to assist file downloads.
  • Signature Pad
    Signature Pad
    A jQuery plugin for assisting in the creation of an HTML5 canvas based signature pad. Records the drawn signature in JSON for later regeneration.
  • JSZip
    Create .zip files with Javascript!
  • Lettering
    Web type is exploding all over the web but CSS currently doesn't offer complete down-to-the-letter control. So we created a jQuery plugin to give you that control.
  • arbor.js
    a graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery
  • Webcam
    The jQuery webcam plugin is a transparent layer to communicate with a camera directly in JavaScript.
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Freddie Lore 13 years ago
thanks for this post...very useful!
Thilanka Kaushalya 13 years ago
I was searching for a nudity detector for my web site. Thanks for the tip dude. :)
Amaca 13 years ago
Thank's a lot, good collection. i wan't to try the lettering.js, is that cross browser?
vikram 13 years ago
good stuff....
Rajan 13 years ago
Nice one
Jo 13 years ago
Abhisek 12 years ago
Very useful. Note that audio.js isn't a jquery plugin.