DateDropper - A Datepicker That Is Fun To Use

Written by Kevin Liew on 18 Apr 2016
21,325 Views • Javascript

I have seen this plugin before, but I think I forgot to include it. There're many datepickers around, from heavyweight jQuery Datepicker to the the recently shared most mobile friendly Anypicker, this time we have datedropper, possibly has the most comical UI design and mobile friendly datepicker.

Datedropper has a user friendly UI, you can scroll to select different day, month and year, but you can also click on them to have a list of selection too. It uses "shake" movement to indicate invalid input too.

If you don't like it's animation, you can disable them easily via the configuration options. It supports different languages. Unfortunately, it doesn't have many configuration options such as date range, no time picker and there isn't call back events too.


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