11 Fantastic and Javascript Intensive Websites You Have to See

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Jan 2011
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So, what can you do once you get ripped of IE6 support with outstanding CSS layout and Javascript? So of us are still supporting IE6 in somewhere, for example, if it's IE6 use gif instead of png, if it's IE6 disable cool javascript animation but show the animation to the rest of the browsers.

I found this 11 websites, they are really good inspiration to demonstrate what javascript can do, and what can you put in your next project. Feel free to share your opinions and your website if you think your website is cool enough to be listed here! :)

  • Ben the Bodyguard
    A guy walking down the street and it has some pretty cool random animation along the street. It relies on the browser's scrollbar heavily to animate the whole website.
  • Lost worlds fairs
    This website is really simple, not really a javascript intensive website but I have decided to put it in anyway :p. It uses PNG to simulate the elevator effect.
  • Cascade Brewery Co
    This website is simply amazing. Really javascript intensive and it has got all sort of effects such as vertical image slider, cool sorting and filtering effect, custom modal window, horizontal accordion, slide down menu and the cool rotation in the clock!!! If you're using Firebug, turn on your Net tab, you will able to see that the needle rotation is generated on the fly! Pretty cool huh?
  • Loewy Design
    This is a website for a design agency, it has some pretty cool javascript effect all over the website!
  • Tobi Asahlin
    Elegant and clean design always have my attention. This well designed website uses has a typical huge image slider and sorting and filtering script at the bottom of the slider. Also, if you're using Mac, don't forget to check Loremify out, it's a really handy widget.
  • Duchy Original
    The reason why I put this in is due to the big image slider they have in the homepage. Really cool idea to integrate two sliders together but both have different transition time. Clever effect!
  • Osvaldas
    This is a personal portfolio website, but once you start playing around and you will able to see, it's quite a javascript driven website.
  • Toasted Digital
    Toasted digital is trying to kill flash. :p You have to see how the page load,the simple animation in the front page and cool transition effect in different pages. One complaint though, they really need to remove the Anchor tag outline for the Nav, it ruins it!
  • Pixel Slave
    Widget style website. I like widget, it makes it look like a dashboard with full of data and information. Click on other pages, you will able to see some cool javascript effect. Maybe it's just me, my eyes were distracted by the bright colorful background. :/
  • Image Mechanics
    Alright, when we talk about Javascript Intensive, this website has to be one of them. Well-planned transition and clean design, simply amazing!
  • Nike Better World
    Nike embraces HTML5. Fairly complicated scrolling technique. It seems to be parallax in some way and delay scrolling effect within a few layers and also masking. Simple, elegant but very impressive. Also, in IE6 it degrades gracefully. Nice one Nike.
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Osvaldas 13 years ago
Thanks for including me, Kevin ;-)
AJ 13 years ago
I liked Kevins work more of all
cem 13 years ago
Thanks it is a great source for me to know where good sites are. Do you have any idea how to make sites like these ones. What is the way to go these perfect sites making. Thanks.
Louis_Dea 13 years ago
Hi Kevin. First of all, great compilation you've got here. Really amazing and powerful stuff.
I would like to share the website we've made in JQuert and Ajax for our web design agency. Let me know what you think! http://www.voyoucommunications.com/
Marcio Puga 12 years ago
Thanks for the inspiration!
Let me know what you think of this one: http://sydney-now.jit.su/
gowtham 11 years ago
its very useful but any one want more query check this URL:
roben 11 years ago
man i telling you Pixel slave is awesome , simple and beautiful . i admire designer work .