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Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Jan 2011
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About Queness

After a few months of planning and preparation, a brand new Queness has finally arrived! Before we start, Let me share some facts about Queness after operating it for almost one and a half years.

First of all, I want to say a BIG THANKS to all of my readers, visitors and advertisers, without your support, I wouldn't have such a huge motivation to run this blog. Initially, my main objective of this website is to push myself to be aware of the constant changes of web design and development industry, secondly to share what I have learned about jQuery because I believe by sharing and helping other, it would help me to master this beautiful javascript framework quicker.


About the New Design

There are many people asked me this question, where do I get the Queness themes, community news plugins and category tab plugins because they thought I'm using WordPress. Actually, this is not a WordPress, it's a custom built blog platform. As a web developer, I want to have full control of my website - every single line of codes :) So, I designed and developed this website all by myself. Everything is custom built, so, if you found any bugs, do let me know.

New Logo

One of the eyes catching Queness' old website was the colourful header, but I found it can be quite distracting, so I decided to incorporate it to the logo and leave the header nice and clean.

More Category

Posts are being categorised into different category for easy browsing and search for posts. Queness has a lot of great posts but they are buried from time to time, so this would bring them back :)

Community News

Quess accepts community news and due to the popular demand, we expand to one step further. If you're a bloggers like me, or you have great posts you want to share, you can register and submit it. We want to make the news submission simple, so we make it fully automated and all you need is submit the URL.

Better Website Performance

I have spent fair a bit of times to optimise the website performance, removed unwanted scripts and use cache to load content whenever I could.

New Comment script

You can reply to a comment. I know it's a simple feature, but it will be really useful to answer questions in those tutorial posts.

RSS Subscription

Queness can be overflowed with new articles, I don't want you to miss out anything so I created different RSS subscriptions to suit your needs.

Brand New Sections

Community news plays an important role in this makeover. Most of the new sections are the result of community news. As you can see Queness is divided into 6 sections:


In home section, it show all articles from Queness. You will able to read articles, tutorials, guest posts and Queness hosted giveaway and competitions.


Tutorials section has all the tutorials I wrote, mainly jQuery tutorials also some CSS and website optimisation tutorials. Not to brag about myself, but most of them are being showcased in other famous blog. :)

Community News

There are more than 20 posts I have to moderate daily. I'm here to ensure only legit and high quality posts able to make it through.

WordPress Themes

I received huge amount of wordpress themes posts, alright I hear you, so I created this section especially for those who want to promote theirs WordPress themes, you come to a right place.

Freebies & Giveaway

Also, huge amount of freebies about textures, brushes, vectors, icons, fonts, etc and also giveaway competition. So, this section is for you guys who want to promote your posts.

Code Snippets

Last but not least, this is probably the most important addition to Queness. Code snippets section will contain a collection of useful script snippets. As a web developer, I found myself constantly search for code using Google, so this would be personal code repository, and I hope it will be useful for you too.


I wouldn't able to make it to this stage without your support. I will try my best to find the best resources, tutorials and reply comments. Please browse around, spread the words and follow me on twitter. :)


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Kawsar Ali 13 years ago
Looks Great. Love the logo
dlv 13 years ago
Great as always, congratulations Kevin, I really like this new look !

PT Sans Narrow font, reply comments, logo and the sidebar was the things I like most

In the other hand, placed in the home page, I think it could be nice to add a 1px horizontal line to separate each post, I feel titles are almost together without a visual separation.

have a nice year, thanks for the knowledge you share in every tutorial we aprecciate that
Kevin Liew Admin 13 years ago
hello! Thanks for your compliments! Yea, I will do something about the visual separation in the homepage :)
Arshad 13 years ago
Congratulations Kevin;

The redesign is really great..i think one of the best redesign i saw in the last few months:)


kevin Admin 13 years ago
Thanks, I'm not a design person, and it took me a while to make it happen.
Boba 13 years ago
Congrats Kev. The redesign is awesome :)
Jaszz 13 years ago
congrats! definitely look much more organised and attractive! keep it up!
Vaibhav Gupta 13 years ago
I really love the logo with smoooth rainbow color...
truly fast and easily accessable design.. love it..
Tung Airways 13 years ago
Happy New New KEV!!! nice job hope all is well and is that a big banana in the background of your pic?
Kevin Liew Admin 13 years ago
haha! thanks and happy new year to you man. those are canoe!
Yogi - ThemeWarrior 13 years ago
I think this is a lot better than the previous layout. This one is a lot easier to read and navigate.